Ever wonder if you’re doing the right thing when you train?

Do you know how fast should you or could you go?

Look no further and try this race calculators that can might help you in your training day.

Training Pace Calculator – This calculator uses one of your recent race times to show how fast you should run the different components of a training week.

Race-time Predictor – Know how fast you’ve run at one distance.

Race-pace band – A tool for race-day. Type in your target time, then print out and wear this band. It shows the mile or kilometre splits you’ll need to hit along the way. Useful for all distances, particularly the marathon.

Calorie Calculator – Type in your weight and the distance you covered on your last run to discover just how many calories you burnt over the course of the session.

BMI Calculator – Calculate your Body Mass Index to decide if you’re in a healthy weight range.

VO2 Max Calculator – The VO2 max prediction works by estimating your VO2 max, given the performance you have entered, using the Daniels and Gilbert VO2 max formula.

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