Meet my new GF

Finally, no more “1 shot-low bat” for me. My newest bad-ass partner has finally arrived. Welcome, Canon PowerShot S100. Now with this new gadget in my side I can deliver more fine images for my readers, never hesitate to capture fine moments like jump shot and I can now share to all how I viewed our world by presenting images with this near-DSLR compact camera.

My concerns with this gadget is that the battery depletes too quickly (planning to buy extra spare battery), slow lens at the long end of the zoom and the panorama feature is not automatic unlike with Sony’s sweep panorama. It stitches the images automatically. I find it better than stitching the images with software that canon provided.

Plus this lens error problem that commonly occurred with canon s100 models gives me anxiety. Although canon issued a statement regarding this particular problem and announced that user that having trouble with their lenses are eligible for a free repair even if your warranty has already expired. Selected PowerShot S100 cameras with serial number beginning with “29” to “41” (example: “29xxxxxxxxxx” to ”41xxxxxxxxxx”) have been found to have a defective part. Hopefully this problem doesn’t happen to me since my baby is still 1 week old from now (more details of the problem herehere and this).

Anyway, fingers crossed, I hope my baby last for a long long long time. I wish that she will serve me well as long as she can and in return I will take care of her. And we both live happily ever after.

What’s in the box?

my new GirlFriend – S100

Canon S100 sample images:

Conclusion – Pros

  • Very good image quality, especially at low ISO settings.
  • Well optimized JPEGs, low contrast detail is well-preserved at low ISO settings
  • Automatic fringing/CA correction in JPEGs
  • Fast operation
  • Bright LCD screen is easy to see in daylight
  • Exposure simulation in live-view and accurate live histogram
  • Good manual controls (in particular the control ring)
  • Compact and well built
  • Addition of hand grip makes the camera easier to hold than its predecessors
  • Integrated GPS allows you to geo-tag your images.
  • Zooming is possible while recording videos

Conclusion – Cons

  • Manual focus preview resolution is too low to be useful
  • Lack of in-camera alignment of HDR images makes it a much less useful feature than it could be
  • Auto ISO is limited to 1600 (wasting two stops of extra ISO sensitivity)
  • Pop-up flash can be blocked by your finger

Overall conclusion

The Canon PowerShot S100 may look nearly identical to the S95 on the outside, but internally it is a significant update to the line, with its three main imaging elements all upgraded. First, the new zoom lens is now both wider and longer than its predecessor. Secondly, Canon has introduced its new DIGIC 5 processor which brings with it slightly faster continuous shooting, automatic fringing/CA reduction and more sophisticated noise reduction. And last but not least, Canon has created a brand new 12MP CMOS sensor, designed in-house for the S100. These three improvements, working in unison ultimately result in a camera that is more versatile, and capable of capturing slightly better images, slightly faster than its predecessors.

The S100 combines the best qualities of a pocketable point and shoot and an enthusiast compact camera. It provides well thought-out full manual control in a form factor approaching the size of Canon’s Elph series. However, we’re slightly concerned that there may have been some trade-offs made in the inclusion of the new lens. The S100’s smaller physical size and increased zoom range inevitably makes lens design more complicated, and we have experienced a worrying amount of sample variation, at least in the cameras that we’ve looked at. The crucial caveat here though is that although the optical variations between our five test cameras were very easy to spot in the critical environment (with fixed shooting parameters) of our studio, they are all but unnoticeable in ‘real-world’ images shot at a range of focal lengths and subject distances.

Behind the lens, Canon’s new 12MP CMOS 1/1.7″ sensor offers modest improvements in terms of resolution and noise levels towards the low end of the S100’s ISO span compared to the S95. Although we wouldn’t rush to use ISO 6400 by choice, it’s nice to have the option and image quality is perfectly acceptable for the web and small prints. In addition to the revamped sensor though, the Canon S100 also boasts faster continuous shooting speeds and shorter shot-to-shot times – the latter being something that is genuinely useful when shooting in raw mode, especially. The S100 is one of the few compact cameras on the market today that stays light on its feet even in RAW+JPEG mode (assuming you’re not trying to shoot continuous bursts).

The S100 produces well-balanced JPEG images that are full of detail and color. In typical Canon style, minimal default chroma noise reduction in the S100 results in JPEG images that retain a good amount of low-contrast detail without appearing desaturated.

Overall, the S100 is very competitive: it is capable of delivering very good image quality in an addictively small package, in a wide range of shooting environments. It is also a genuine pleasure to use, thanks to its effective and well thought-out operational ergonomics.


One of our more significant complaints about the S90 and S95 was the lack of any hand grip. Canon’s engineers seem to have taken notice and have added a grip to the front of the S100. This isn’t a full ‘hand grip’ per se, but more of a rubber ridge on the front of the camera that gives your fingers some purchase. It’s a minor addition but it does make a noticeable difference when handling the camera. Still, we wouldn’t recommend foregoing the included wrist strap.

One of the features that has helped to make the Canon S series PowerShot cameras so popular amongst enthusiast compact shooters is the relatively high level of manual control in a small compact camera body. The function ring around the lens is a particularly effective control point, offering quick access to controls like shutter speed, aperture and ISO. The function of the control ring can be customized or left to itsdefault function. The control ring’s position around the neck of the lens makes manual operation not only quick but helps to keep the S100 stable in your hands as well.

We’re also glad to see that Canon has added a direct movie button to the S100 that allows you to start recording movies quickly from any shooting mode with the press of a single button. There is still a dedicated movie recording mode where you can access more shooting options like iFrame movie recording and Super Slow motion, but in situations where quick reaction time is needed to capture the moment it can make all the difference.

The Final Word

The Canon S100 is particularly well-suited to two types of photographers: compact camera shooters looking to upgrade to a similarly small camera with more control, raw mode and better image quality, and ILC photographers looking for a truly compact ‘take anywhere’ pocket camera with much of the same manual control as their larger cameras. The addition of GPS and full HD video recording make the S100 feel more complete than the S95, which was a very capable camera but in some respects lagged slightly behind on its feature set when compared to the competition. The additional lens range, too, is very welcome, and makes the S100 just that little bit more versatile than its predecessors.

Official Review:

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The Enduro Experience

One day when I was looking for MTB (Mountain Bike) Shorts in the net. After a minute of surfing there’s a short appeared on my screen as it was telling me that click and see what’s inside. The design surely caught my attention and click the image. The image of the short lead me to the facebook page of Enduro. They also have this album there were the images of shorts available in their store. After that another one caught my eye. I saw this cool design of tech shirt (here) on one of their albums. What I did is contact the owner of Enduro, Sir Henry Lim himself and ask if this shirt is still available. Sir Lim is very approachable and nice so we have smooth conversation along the way. Sadly the shirt that I was talking about is out of stock according to him but he offered me a better one. He said they will be releasing another Limited Edition Tech Shirt called XC-Jersey Pilipinas. When I saw the design, I knew in myself I must have one of those.

So as soon as the tech shirt is available in Trifemme I immediately went there and grab my order. They have two color version available, the red and white one.

Which is better?

they got also long sleeves

other jersey design

spotted some loyal buyers

Trifemme Office - kamias rd, Quezon City

After fitting them I decided to grab the white one since the 2 clerk and I agreed on the same color. I also grab one MTB short-ELITE so that my tech shirt now has a partner. Arriving at my place I grab a couple of shot to see how do I look with this on.

Boy Enduro

It’s comfy and look nice with my trail shoes. Now it come to my senses that I have to test this on the road. I said to myself “Why don’t we have a test tomorrow and see what this items are capable of”. After testing it here’s what I can say about this product.

green land

Tech Shirt: Fits well. Breathability is top-notch. It’s light enough to be proper summer wear and airy fine fabric that keeps the breeze flowing in your whole body. Love wearing this jersey, represents a great country we have and attractive.

9 foot drop!

MTB Short: It’s light compare with other MTB short. Usually MTB shirt is heavy. Also it’s not baggy and it fits really nice. Great feel (material) and secure pockets. It got all the essential of a typical MTB short. My only concern is that in the future they also release same design but this time it has 6 pocket instead of only 4.

it doesn't look like its steep hill but it is

Overall: “Comfort of Quality, great air circulation & wicking. Feels extremely comfortable & I will be really looking forward to using this in my first MTB downhill competition.”

enjoying the sunset

What are you waiting for grab your’s now.  Contact Trifemme office in 4330967 or visit them at kamias rd, Quezon City, Philippines, 100 meters. from EDSA. You can also send your PM with Henry Lim or in Enduro’s Page.

Enduro 3D Technology

Enduro tech apparel is known for their catchy MTB shorts and creative jersey design. They also produce great vest, shirt, pants and singlet. Good for multisport geeks out there. And now they release their newest design. The Pilipinas XC (cross-country) Jersey.

Equip with Enduro 3D Technology it definitely maximizes your performance.

3D Technology

So what exactly this 3D technology has to offer?

This jersey is Pro-Breath meaning the fabric is breathable and let air pass through and also repels water.

Also it has a Pro-Dri features that absorbs sweat from your body…

…and has a flexible fabric, The Pro-Flex.

This product is a must have. The SRP is 1600, not bad. Whether we rode bikes on road or street or running we should all be proud wearing this jersey. Proudly Pinoy! Besides the design is so nice and represents our country well. Sadly this jersey is limited edition.

They have limited stocks on this so it’s better to order now or visit their store in Trifemme Kamias Rd., Quezon City – 100mtrs. from edsa.  (click here for trifemme map) You can also reach them in 4330967 or and

I can’t wait to have this soon…

By the way check this for sizing chart (here)

In my next post I’m going to share my insights about the jersey (click here for the tech shirt review)

Stay safe-always.

For us athletes the number one weapon we have is our body. We need proper diet, daily training’s to hone our skills and enough rest so that we can do our best in sports we incline to. Of course we make sure that our safety will not be compromise while in action. So we also need equipment’s that will help us to achieved our goals and some of this definitely save lives.

I’m talking about products prioritize our safety like head lamps,  blinkers, reflective tops and so on. The one I loved the most is this baller like ID were all your info’s are engraved to a small rectangular plate. I’m talking about Road ID, mytag and MJ46iD.

This are some of the names that offers such a great and innovative products. This is an ID in a wrist. It’s useful in case of  emergency plus it also look cool as a part of your running getup. Here’s a link were you can read some testimonials of the user of this products. [mytag|RoadID|MJ46iD] So what are you waiting for? Grab one now. It’s better be ready ‘coz nobody knows what will happen next. Take my advice mate. Stay safe everybody!

ok n png takbo to.

Run Adobo PH

Press Release:

Mevez Business Ventures Inc. (MBVI) recently introduced in the Philippine market an extensive line of compression sportswear products of Xterra, a global brand in premier technical sportswear used by top triathletes around the world. MBVI also launched the European brand, Tesla, with both compression products and high quality running shoes. Tesla sportswear is named after Nicholas Tesla, a designer of customized sportscars, whose name is synonymous with creativity, style and quality.

Compression wear are used by top athletes in virtually every sport today such as triathlon, biking, running, water sports, track and field, baseball, golf, badminton and even as exercise wear. Compression wear applies the principle of compression bands used in medicine to promote and enhance optimum blood flow and conserve the energy of muscles in a person’s body. It is also used to prevent the tightening of muscles during cold weather conditions that could lead to muscle…

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