Right shoes for you

Running Shoes are by far the most technologically advanced footwear across all categories. Top sports shoe companies have engineered them to achieve optimum performance. They are designed to promote correct biomechanics and proper shock absorption, key elements in running injury free. With the running industry’s steady growth, the variety of choices for all shapes and sizes (or shall we say widths and sizes) has been made available.

Better Orthopedic Shoe Alternative

It is now common to see overweight, flat-footed runners finishing marathons. Training was not enough to get them to the finish line. The right footwear allowed them to start. Many people who need orthotics or suffer from back and foot problems are confined to wearing clunky orthopedic shoes, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Unknown to many, running shoes have become a major alternative to these. In fact, they are a better alternative. Not only are they equipped with corrective devices or support, but they also offer variety in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Matching Shoes with People

People have different needs depending on their gait, weight, foot shape, and particular foot problem (plantar fasciitiis, bunions, neuroma etc). With all the technology available, it is important that they be presented with a variety of choices that will best fit their needs and preferences. Different brands have different technologies and models that serve a particular function (for wider feet, narrow ankles, more weight, platform for orthotics etc).

Gait Analysis

In order to provide the best footwear match, it is necessary to get one’s gait assessed. Aside from the shape of one’s foot, the degree of pronation is analyzed.

Pronation is a normal movement that absorb impact from waking or running . It occurs once the heel strikes the ground and the foot disperses the impact, stretching and flattening the arch as the foot rolls inward. Most problems come when this movement is exaggerated; hence, correction is needed.


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