A runners must have

The Right Running Shoes

Your pair of running shoes is your best friend when it comes to running or walking. It is the main equipment that will keep you injury free and make running more comfortable and safe for your feet and body. It is important that your feet get the perfect fit. With countless choices available, our staff will help you find the shoe just right for you.

Moisture Wicking Socks

Cotton is the enemy when it comes to sport socks. When running or walking, you will need a pair that does not remain wet as you sweat. You want socks that stay dry and snug inside your shoes. This prevents blisters, odor and general discomfort during physical activity. Our sock selection has all the best brands with their varied moisture-wicking technology. We have all lengths, thicknesses, textures, and even colors that match your preferences.

Moisture Management Apparel

Just like socks, you will need clothes that keep you dry as you sweat. This aids in conserving energy by keeping your body temperature consistent. You wouldn’t want to run in wet clothes also.

Sports Bra

Women’s other best friend in running is their moisture management sports bra. They don’t need to wear several bras on top of each other to minimize bounce and be comfortable. Just like shoes, specific styles are made for different levels of support. Our staff can provide bra fittings inside the store, so feel free to ask for advise on different styles appropriate for your needs.

Energy Supplements

These come in different forms—gels, gummy blocks, protein bars, and drinks. They help you sustain energy, and recover from fatigue faster.

Hydration Belts

Cramping, early fatigue, stress and headaches are symptoms of dehydration.

Carrying water or other hydration drinks is a great idea especially for long runs. With bottles secured around your waist, your running will not be disrupted.

Reflective Gear

You need to be visible when running at night. We have different lights, vests, wrist and ankle straps that you can use for your safety.


Chafing is a common problem due to friction between the legs, on the feet or under the arms. We carry several products to prevent this—in stick, spray and powder form.

Running Watch

You can now set training goals and track your progress in terms of time and distance. Most are equipped with interval timers that can track multiple times if you’re doing a run/walk program or circuit training.


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