Kudos for those who survive

Last Saturday, April 21, 2012 I was in Alabang with my running partner/sister, trying to survive another zombie infestation. This time it’s The Running Dead held in Palms Country Club. This is the second zombie run in the Philippines that I’ve participate with. I’m getting addicted so much in this kind of event that I got registered in that same event. The first zombie run was the Outbreak Manila and the recent was on last Saturday. I love this new idea of organizing a running event. It’s unique and not your typical running event. It has a challenging environment because you will not just run in trails and roads. There will be tri-Zombies in the field chasing you to death. How hard is that? Organizers today are giving the runners a whole new running experience that they will never forget plus the best part it is that the proceeds of this event will go towards helping junior triathletes.

Getting in the venue is not that hard since we’re from Cavite and the travel time is only one hour. We arrived in the venue an hour earlier before the race briefing starts so we have plenty of time to prepare. So we took the chance to roam around in the vicinity and look what’s stored for us. First, we had our photo-ops with zombies wandering around. There friendly and also open for a small talk. But when the race starts, their true nature unleashed. After that we changed for our running outfit and head-on to the stage (briefing area) for some helpful reminders and race rules.

After the organizers briefs the participants for the race, we are sent to the starting area and will be released by waves. The race starts at exactly 5:00 P.M. There will be four waves with 10 minutes interval and I was in wave 3. The game plan is simple, just like what I did on my last week zombie run. Stay in group, finish it early and STAY ALIVE! Of course to stay alive you have to stay in a group. Because that’s the only way you can keep you flags intact. That way you can escape as long as you don’t get the zombies attentions. My frequent experience in a running event is when your finisher’s shirt is not fit to you. I’m sure lots of you guys experienced this also that’s why my second game plan was to finish it early so that I can enjoy my well fitted finisher’s shirt without hustle to alter it. Lastly to finish the race with at least one health flag attached to you. You must do whatever it takes just to save that precious flag. It’s sad to finish the race without enjoying any prices because you didn’t manage to keep one flag. I know it’s hard to do that despite the relentless attack of the zombies especially the little ones (tyanaks). I remember one of my wave mates tumbles not far from the starting area because the zombie kids are blocking his way and they collide. Luckily no one is injured, just a minor bruises for both parties.

The race is too scary. I’ve focused so much in protecting my health flags and forget to take a picture while in action. I manage to take few and I guess you can relate on some of this. Running, screaming, begging, jumping, spinning and even crawling are some of the common moves I’ve done that day and manage to finish the course with two flags intact in 00:51:53 – 7K distance (result). Besides from the finisher’s shirt and goodies from the sponsors the participants are entitled for buffet dinner prepared by the Palms Country Club. Non-participants are also welcome but they have to pay 450php for them to enjoy the food inside.

I congratulate all the organizers, staff, volunteered marshals, crew, and the entire member of the tri-Zombie (SouthTri Team) for this wonderful yet scary event that you prepared for all of us.

Kudos for everyone! Thank you and see you next time! 🙂

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The Hyundai Run for a Cause – 29th of April 2012

  • The Hyundai Run for a Cause will be held on April 29, 2012 at the Quirino Grand Stand. Official Assembly Time and Gun Start:
Distance Assembly Time Gun Start


4:45 AM

Wave 1


Wave 2


Wave 3



5:45 AM

Wave 1


Wave 2


Wave 3


Wave 4


  • Race Pack Distribution details is on April 21-25, 2012 from 9AM to 8PM.

Requirements for Claiming Race Packs

  •  Signed waiver and fully accomplished Waiver Form and Registration Form
  • Photocopy of participant’s valid ID (with picture and signature)

If claiming through a representative, please present the following

  •  Signed waiver and fully accomplished Waiver Form and Registration Form of participant [original copy]
  • Photocopy of participant’s Valid ID (with picture and signature)
  • Signed Endorsement Letter from the participant [original copy]
  • Photocopy of Representative’s Valid ID (with picture and signature)

Claiming Sites

    • HARI Headquarters (KPMG 6787 Ayala Ave., Makati City)
    • Hyundai Alabang (235 FMW Building, Tierra Nueva Subd. Alabang Zapote)
    • Hyundai Global City (5th Ave., cor 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    • Hyundai Quezon Ave (1144 Quezon Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City)
    • Second Wind Ortigas (Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City)

Note: Distribution area cannot be changed once registration has been submitted.

Race Map:

Singlet Design:

For more inquiries, you may contact the Hyundai Run for a Cause Secretariat at

SCHOlaRUN 2 – 6th of May 2012

Once again St. Scholastica will be having their 2nd ScholaRun this coming May 6. The proceeds of this event will go directly to the scholarship funds of the school to help out those student in need to support their study. It’s so much fun last year that they have to do it again. So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina Alumnae Association is proud to announce “SCHOlaRUN 2.” SCHOlaRUN is a fun run activity organized by SSAMAA to raise funds for financially challenged but deserving scholars of St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina . This title, puts together the school’s name, St. SCHO, the term “scholar” and the event, Run. It features 10k, 5k, 3k and 500M (Kiddie Run) events.

Proceeds of this activity will go directly to the scholarship fund that will help these students go back to school. Last year, we were able to help 17 students.

May 6, 2012
Marikina Heights, Marikina City


1K, 3K, 5K, 10K

5:00 am – CALL TIME
Gunstart 5:30 am -10K
Gunstart 5:45 am – 5K
Gunstart 6:00 am – 3K
Gunstart 6:15 am – 1M Kiddie Run


Registration fee is Php500 inclusive of singlets, bibs, and race routes.

Registration fee for kids aged 12 years and below is P300.00 (no singlet, race bib only).

Php150(no singlet, race bib only) for SSAM students with valid SSAM ID SY 2011-2012 or early enrolees for SY 2012-2013 with official receipt.

*Kids 8 years and below should be accompanied by an adult. Companions will be charged accordingly.


Check this out for online registration:http://www.ssam.edu.ph/alumnae/news.html

1. SSAM Registrar’s Office (Mon to Fri 8:00am – 4:30pm)
Payment should be made at the SSAM Business Office

Joji Ventanilla-Torres ’78/Belen Ventanilla-Camarista ’83
CMT Bldg. 90 Katipunan Road, Concepcion 2 Marikina City
Store Hours: 10 am to 7 pm (Closed on Sundays)
Telefax: 997-1829 OR Mobile: 0917-511-9478

a. SSS Village Center (Closed on Wednesdays)
c/o Teacher Arlene (934-5649)
23 Russet St., SSS Village, Marikina City

b. Marikina Heights Center
c/o Teacher Lilit (940-4891)
2F C&B Circle Mall, Marikina Heights
(Top of Jollibee)

c. Masinag Center
c/o Teacher Naty (646-8832 or 925-0844)
8am to 5pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
/F J&F Building I, Marcos Highway

d. Concepcion Uno Center
c/o Teacher Jocie (942-2558)
731 JP Rizal, Lamuan, Marikina City
(front of South Supermart)

e. KUMON Tuazon Avenue Center
c/o Teacher Rommel (369-7840)
Thaddeus Arcade, A. Tuazon Avenue
San Roque, Marikina City

f. Eastwood Center
c/o Teacher Aggo (Tel. No. 634-3631)
2/F Magnitude Building
186 E. Rodriguez Ave., Bagumbayan, Quezon City


For more info, you may contact 0921-665-9999 or email us at scholarun2012@yahoo.com.ph.


St. Scholastica Academy Marikina Alumnae Association

You can also join the event discussion in their facebook page. Just click the link here

SCHOlaRUN 2 – Singlet Design:

Trail legend in Manila

Hey my trail buddies! A legend in trail running is making his mark in Philippines soil tomorrow.

Get the chance to meet and greet the Trail Legend IKER KARRERA as he visits the Philippines. Hear some inspiring stories from him and learn from the legend him self his training regimen for an effective trail running.

Meet the Trail Legend IKER KARRERA
April 17, 2012 @ 7PM
Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in front of R.O.X.

Surviving the first Outbreak

Did you watch the video first? Creepy right? That was not a joke at all, believe me. The 5,000 participants of the outbreak manila 2012 will surely agree at me. I was lucky and the other survivors, I mean runners to experience the first zombie run in the Philippines held in Nuvali, Laguna. This is one-of-a-kind challenge that runners are looking today to overcome. Despite the fact that this is a 5K race. I felt this is the longest 5K I ever participate with. This event is the longest horror booth of my life. I feel exhausted after the race but the experience is totally WORTH IT! But before all the excitement let me tell you what really happen earlier that day.

So we arrived at Nuvali at around 5 in the morning. You can feel already the excitement and the anxiety while parking. You can see runners already doing their preparation for the race. Warm-up, stretching, little chit-chat, and securing bib numbers and health flag. After we did our preparation we roam around and look what the sponsors booth has to over. Of course many freebies are up for grab before and after the race. We also took some photo-ops around the premises and on stage before the race briefing starts and the actual race. While waiting for the race briefing I bump with few friends and have a little talk about the race and our game plan for this event. Unfortunately we didn’t come up with the plan. We all agreed on enjoying the race and finishing it injury free since we all expect this will be a tough race. When our wave briefing starts (wave 4) I felt Goosebumps. My gosh, this is it! After a few minutes the race will start and we will start to run, dodge, jump, and crawl to finish line. But before the race, while in the starting area I met these guys from Quezon City – Sir Lawrence, Sir Al and Sir Mic. One of them recognizes me and said I look familiar. He said that he read my blog about Salomon. I don’t mean to brag but this is fun about blogging. You can reach others by writing and the easiest way to have friends. Back to my story , and so from that moment we stick together from the beginning until we finish the race.

I’m not an expert when it comes in trail running and I don’t claim to be one but in my scale on how hard a trail route is. Nuvali scored 4 out of 10 to me. That is if we’re talking pure trail running here. But when you added a running, crawling, growling, jumping from the tree, surprising, dancing, macho, skinny, chubby, eye-popped, army, prom queen, pretty, student, handsome, cute, and scary zombie in the picture even you knew it was just a make-up, this trail route score a whopping 100 to me. Imagine as soon as the siren blown a zombie not far from the starting area will charge at you to grab your precious flag and after his attack a small group of zombie before turning right at the trail is waiting for you. If you think the attack will stop there, you’re wrong. As soon as you hit the trail the zombie just keep on coming. On our way to the first safe zone I check if my flag is still complete and luckily it does. I heard this one guy complaining that the zombie took two flags of his. We all knew that per zombie will grab one flag per runner according to the zombie rule number 2 under zombie page. Poor guy we just started and he lost 2 flags and only one left but don’t worry my friend on the first obstacle, the crawling obstacle you will receive your extra health flag (color white). I salute those who manage to keep their flags intact (4 flags) until the end of the race. At first I’m confident I can manage to finish the race with 3 or more flags as we all expect that all obstacles will give us extra flag, but we all wrong. Well according to how it works rule number six under survival page “There will be obstacles in the course where you can choose to go through to attain additional health flags.” But I did the entire obstacle and the only obstacle that gave an extra flag was the first one, the crawling obstacle. Anyway enough with the complaining and let’s get back to story. Before we reached the second obstacle, the garter obstacle we tackle countless zombies along the way. This is the part some of the runners got bruises and got injured because others are pushing and trying to save their health flags. This kind of action cannot avoided even the organizers said direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. Everybody will do anything just to survive. By the way the four of us is still intact. Like I’ve said earlier “we stick together from the beginning until we finish the race”. When we reach the 2 kilometer mark, the part where you have choose between the easy way or the horde wayOf course we chose the horde way even though the chances of survival are slim we still took the chance and some regret it after the horde of zombies attack us. By the way the difference between the two is that Easy way – less zombies but longer and Horde way – more zombies but shorter. I hate this part because this is the part I got separated from my group and I have to make it on my own and catch up with them. Because if I let them ahead of me more zombie will be focusing on me and that will decrease my chance of survival. Plus it’s hard for me to maneuver because I’m holding hydration bottle on the left hand on camera on the other. I said to myself if I will switch on career mode the risk of getting injured is high so what I did is cross-over some zombie, spin and even jump just to protect my flags even I knew I might get injured and risky for me because of the uneven terrain. Luckily I manage to catch up with them but unfortunately the zombies snatch my two flags. After that wave of zombies we reached the part we’re we have to take a zombie guts and pretend to be like them and then escape. I like this idea because this is the classic way to escape zombies which usually done in zombie movies and series. Where they opened up a zombie’s body, take its guts then wipe the blood all over their body and act as one of them just to escape this mindless eating machine. So almost there but not almost because there is one more obstacle left and that is the maze. Just like in Takeshi’s castle you have to find your way out of the race and if you’re unlucky, zombies will get your remaining flags. After that maze I was able to keep my 2 flags intact and thought it will be easy on my way to the finish line but I was wrong again. I thought that was it, it’s over. But the organizers really made it hard for all the participants to cross that finish line that they placed the best zombie-flag snatchers they have in the last stretch. So when I approach the last kilometer, exhaustion kicks in. I just need a couple of minutes to regain my strength so my strategy was to take pictures with zombies who will try to get my flag then outrun them after the photo-ops, clever huh? But its effective. As soon as I regain my strength I head on the last stretch of the race with zombie approaching to us with bad intention. My moves were clearly set in my mind. The setting was in slow motion environment where I perfectly dodging those zombies, spin moves, cross-over and ankle breaker moves, lean-to the left and lean-to the right and ducking. I imagined it with an epic finish. Jumping one zombie over head then falls to the finish line. That was just in my mind; but in reality I can’t hardy outrun the last two zombies on my way the finish line. After few minutes of trying I manage to squeeze in the middle that two zombies and thank God they only got one flag and I still have one flag left to claim that surprise finishers medal, that’s right a finishers medal. I didn’t expect the medal part because there was no medal mentioned on their site and their facebook page. I saw the crew giving medals earlier that day when we’re still in the starting area to those who cross the finish line. I said to myself maybe they were the fastest on their wave and just turn my focus on the event itself. I’m so happy with the result. All the finishers, our pain and suffer didn’t lead in vain. We got the medal and the bragging rights that we truly SURVIVE THE OUTBREAK!

If there’s a lesson to learn in this event. That would be… “There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.”

The organizers made sure that the runners would have the best trail/zombie run experience. I did have. And I hope you do, too. And also I heard that they’re planning a midnight run this coming July for the next leg. Hopefully this time in an abandon building. Scary…

Thank you for giving us this one-of-a-kind experience and see in the next zombie run. Cheers!!!

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Keep On Smilin’

“Keep On Smilin'”
Well, you say you’ve got the blues

You’ve got holes in both your shoes yeah
You’re feeling alone and confused
You got to keep on smilin’
Just keep on smilin’

Yeah you’re ’bout to go insane
‘Cause your woman’s playin’ games
And she says that you’re to blame
Just keep on smilin’

Keep on smilin’ thru the rain
Laughin’ at the pain
Just flowin’ with the changes
Till the sun comes out again

Singin’ in a honkey tonk cafe
But nobody’s hearin’ what you play
They’re too busy drinkin’ anyway
You gotta keep on smilin’

Say you found a piece of land
You’re gonna change from city boy
To country man, yeah
Try to build your life with your hands
And just keep on smilin’
Keep on smilin’

Keep on smilin’ thru the rain
Laughin’ at the pain
Just flowin’ with the changes
Till the sun comes out again

You’re just hangin’ out
At a local bar
And you’re wonderin’
Who the hell you are
Are you a farmer?
Are you a star?

Smile on through the rain
Laugh through all the pain
Flow on with the changes
Till the sun shines out again
Keep on smilin’, smilin’, laughin’, laughin’
Flowin’, flowin’, flowin’, flowin’

I love this song so much. This is the reason I develop my positive attitude in my life. There is always hope, just smile! No matter how hard your life is, no matter how difficult the things that you’re into, one way or another you can find ways to solve and overcome it. In my case I always apply this in my everyday life. For example at work. You must maintain your posture despite the tight deadlines of your projects and always wear that gorgeous smile of yours. Just like this dude with Bib no. B5917 in the picture.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

No matter how hot the temperature in South Carolina that day, despite the 10K distance he ran, win or lose, he still manage to deliver that killer smile that goes viral in the web. BOOOM! A good example of positive, good-looking and photogenic guy.

Always remember the golden rule of running and in life, SMILE! – fun run, half mary, full mary and even ultra mary make sure you always bring that smile.

Laugh through all the pain. Keep on smilin’

this is how I smile or laugh hehehe

Full story here