Pace UP! – March 11, 2012

Hey guys want to run with U.P. T&F team, Ramon Bautista, Zorro or even Coach Rio? Have a great time running with them and help out at the same time. Join Pace UP 2012!

Pace UP 2012 will be held on March 11, 2012 at the U.P. Diliman campus. All proceeds of the race will fund the training, equipment, and competition expenses of the U.P. Track and Field Team.

Pace UP
March 11, 2012 @ 5AM
UP Diliman Campus
Organizer: UP Track and Field, M.A.P.A.A

Registration Fees:
3k – P450
5k – P500
10k – P500

(Php 50 off for U.P. students or groups of 5)

Registration Venues:
– U.P. Diliman (Faculty Center Kiosk and CHK Gym)
– Riovana

Contact Details:
Zion Rose Ramos – – +639157627970
Miguel Camacho – – +639174468790
Singlet Design:

3K Map:

5K Map:

10K Map:


2nd “Wednesday Madness” Barefoot Group Run/Clinic


Give your shoes a break, let’s run together, BAREFOOT!!!

What: 2nd “Wednesday Madness” Barefoot Group Run/Clinic
When: March 7, 2012 6:30pm
Where: BHS, Bonifacio Global City
Coaches: Lt. Col. Mike Logico (Barefoot Colonel) & Gerard Pizarras

To register please email with your name and contact number. See you there!!!

Surviving the Hills that Kills

Feb. 26 is the day I participate in my first trail run. As this day quickly approaches I plan my way how to survive the route prepared for us by Xterra. Also did some workouts to improve my performance in downhill-uphill, balance and speed. I don’t really know exactly what’s the route look like since  it was my first time to run there but by the way my friends and other runner’s who’s been there many times I got second thoughts so I prepare my self for the worst and they’re all right. The uphill and downhill of that race truly kills. Thank God the weather yesterday was good. Of course it’s cold earlier that day. I remember when I was running the half-way of my distance, men it was really hot. I envy those who finished the race early. They all enjoying the sponsored booth, taking pictures and given the chance to pick the right size of finisher shirt for them 😦 . Anyways back to my story. running in trail is great compare to typical races in the metro. I also want the races in road, don’t take this negatively but in my opinion running in trail compare to road, the experience is surreal. You witness and enjoy what nature has to offer while competing at the same time. Fresh air, witness sunrise at the top of the mountain, crossing in river as a challenge, even seeing small animals passing in front of you and lots of green tree that serves a good motivation. Before I end this blog here are some pictures taken before, during and after the race, Enjoy!

This is taken inside the bus going to the site. I was the last who board the bus and almost left by the first trip.

inside the bus

nakuha pang mag-pose kabado naman

The traveling time is not more than an hour so we arrived early at Timberland. The advantage of arriving so early at the site is that it gives you the privilege to roam around the premises before the race, be the first to enjoy freebies of the booth before everybody else, taking pictures all over the place and in stage and meet some new friends like sir mike and sir john.

pose n agad...

landslide ang Team soleus - kunwari ^^

Timberland logo

After having our early picture picture moments, some warm-up, and chit-chat with fellow runner’s the race director calls our attention. Mr. Guy Concepcion welcomes all of us in XTERRA Pang Rave Run 2012 and gave some few reminders and extra challenge along the race. As soon as we reach the last 10 secs. before gun start I got goosebumps and bwalaah! the race is on. I manage to take some shot even I cannot see where I’m going. Honestly taking picture, holding hydration bottle and managing the tough terrain is not easy, believe me. So for my next trail run a hydration pack or hydration belt is a must. Btw, my next trail run is on March 31 – Salomon Xtrail run in Tagaytay, see you there.

simula na ng bakbakan...

takbo lng kaht mabato

good morning sa inyo...

lapit na lumbas si haring araw...

back to road running

gilid ay bangin... Literally

Nature tripp'in

kaya pa

mataas 'yan promise

yung nasa likod ko kasama sa ruta 'yan

malupet na pababa 'yan, mag-ingat

Not only running in rock, jumping downhill, overcoming uphills that Xterra has to offer. After a more than an hour of running a nice view emerges. Yey! a small stream of water along the route. I said to myself maybe this was the one of few surprises that they talking about earlier in the starting line.

ilog o sapa?

standing in slippery wooden bridge

I call this part the "red ant hills"

napasubo ata ako d2 sa race na 'to

last 12K, I think...

As soon as we hit the half KM of the race, and after I ate all my trail food of course hunger, thirst and exhaustion kicks in. What I did is walk-run and try to recover my strength and have a moment to take few pictures of myself to include in this blog and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place.

wala sa ayus pero ok sya sa panlasa ko..

down to one of the steep hill

extra challenge that xterra has to offer

easy lng sir

the prinz in on the way

part 2 - because we did the route twice

huli ka sir Jeff..

I "almost" fell down twice in the water just to have an "almost" perfect shot in this spot

almost there..

are we there yet?


kita ba ako?

thx Bib no. 273 for taking this picture

In my last 5K  I met some fellow runner’s along the way. Sir mic, sir Chris and sir Jeff. All I can say is that men are great communicator. We can set up friendship in a snap of fingers. During our walk-run we manage to talk about lot of thing in a short time. We talk about what each other say about the race, wonder what happen to other runner’s behind us and even making fool of our selves because we can’t run anymore but when we all heard the host speaking we all suddenly switch to race mode again. Everybody started to walk quickly. From jog to run and we all rushed to crossed the finish line. After the race sir ramses that I met also during my warm up earlier that day was there standing behind the arc and congratulate me finishing the race. Isn’t that great when somebody not related to you greet you and acknowledge your effort. And so fresh from finishing the  race and sweat all over my body me and sir ramses took some pictures of us holding and wearing the medal of Xterra.

I've conquered my 1st trail run, YEAH!

not leaving w/o picture

one more time

what's next?

XTERRA = Pain!

Here are some freebies from the sponsors.

got milk?

vaseline products

finishers shirt - thx kulitrunner for the pic

pang-lalakeng goodies

xterra medal

Here’s my poor Minnie (name that I gave to my NB MT10) look like after the race 😦 .

Before my Minnie début run

After the run 😦

All in all my opinion in this race is awesome! For me the experience is unforgettable since it was my trail run though I have some comments and suggestion in the organizers. Some runners run out of trail food and some doesn’t have one I hope next time you put banana station on the half kilometer mark and for the last 5K or 3K of the race. Also deploy plenty of photographers in the route to capture those rare moment. Some of us also want to see their selves in action. There’s nothing to comment in hydration because you did well in that point a 10/10 for me. This race is something that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. For those who missed it, you missed a hell of adventure. You must definitely not miss the upcoming Xterra Trail Run in Cebu this coming March 17, 2012 and the Putik Pare slated to happen this November 2012! Visit Xterra Philippines here for more details.. It’s dirty and its exhilarating race – Getting dirty. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Thank you Sir John Paul Lipardo, Mathieu and kulirunner for letting me grab some of your picture and all the sponsors, race organizers, staff and everyone whose involve in this event. See you next year.

I’m now officially addicted to trail run races =)

before heading home I requested a group pic from the people I’ve met in the race/bus.

nice to meet you guys, see you in our next race.

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Running Barefoot with Barefoot Colonel

What come’s in to your mind when you see someone running barefoot in a race? maybe you’ll say “Wow! that dude is hardcore!” How about when someone ask you have you tried running barefoot? you might answer it “No way!, I’m not going to try that.” Does running barefoot ever crossed with your mind? My friends don’t stick to much to your precious shoes. Try something new, try running barefoot. It may look painful and yes! your foot will be definitively dirty. But let me tell you something, with proper training and correct foot landing everything’s going be fine.

running barefoot

At first I’m not really into barefoot running because pain and suffer is all what I think of. Until a friend introduce it to me and I say “Ok, let’s try it.” there’s no harm in trying right? I don’t have solid background with BR so when I saw this Barefoot Running Clinic here I’ve decided to go. So from work I rush in BHS and quickly change into my running gears.


The Running clinic was facilitated by Sir Mike “Barefoot Colonel” Logico. At first we had short lecture about BR. Also in the lecture we talk about what are the benefits and what will you gain when running barefoot, the proper form, correct foot landing to avoid blisters, and many more. After the BR introduction we introduce ourselves and go with the drills.

test run muna...

After the drills Barefoot Colonel let us run around BHS 2-3 times in barefoot, of course hehe to apply what we’ve learned and guide us and correcting our form.

running around BHS - barefoot

As soon as we finished our run we had our water break, cool down and last tips from the colonel.

sir mike with plyo drills

He also gave us some plyometric drills that can help us improve our barefoot running skills.

Q&A portion

And a question & answer part. In addition the BRP team also bring shirts to sell that worth 250php, not bad.

BRP shirt

Of course running clinic is not complete without a group picture picture 🙂

me in the middle wearing the BRP shirt

My running experience in barefoot was not bad, not bad at all. With proper guidance from the expert I’ve learned a lot and gain some techniques. As the BRP shirt says “No, It doesn’t hurt. Take it slowly. And you will get used to it.” This is true as Sir Mike says “When you run barefoot you don’t have to hurry. Take it slow. Patience is the key here.” Thank you Sir Mike for a truly eye-opening BR clinic. I’m looking forward for another one. Hopefully ASAP hehe. Also I want to thank Sir Edsel “Running Pilot” Enriquez for providing us the pictures and for letting me grab it, Thanks again sir. And to Team BRP thank you and nice to meet you all.

Runner’s World Running Clinic 2012

The running clinic is open for all even if you’re a beginner, seasoned or just want to improve your running skills.

Coach Joar explaining the drills

The 2nd batch of RW running clinic was facilitated by Coach Joar Calvadores early this morning at SM Mall of Asia Bayside.

Dynamic exercise start...

After a warm-up jog the dynamic exercise start…

Zombie walk & Lunges with the twist

left! right! left!

coordination is the key here...

 After the activity we had our cool down exercise and have our water break.

care for a drink?

If you are interested, there are 3 ways to register

Via Partner Stores
– Club 360
– ROX  Bonifacio High Street

Via Onsite
You may also register onsite, on the day of the event. However, slots are on a first come first serve basis.  Clinic is open to the first 50 participants.

Via Email
Send email to  with the subject: Runner’s World Running Clinic 2012. Include your name, address, age, birthdate, occupation, date of running clinic you want to attend.

Please include the following details:
How you learned about this event (email blast, magazine ad, poster, through a friend, etc)

Farthest distance you have ran (i.e. none yet, beginner, 5k, 15k, etc.)

You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Note that same module will be taught in all classes. Participants are encouraged to register in one class only. Best of all, this clinic is FREE!

Clinic Schedule:

ULTRA – February 21, March 6 (6pm-9pm)
SM MOA – February 25, March 11 (6am-8am)
ROX – Februaty 28, March 15 (6pm-9pm)

me & ate ann with coach joar. thx marc for the pic

Group Picture (click image for more)