How did you get into endurance sports like running? What made you decide to engage such a sport like this?

TakboPRintipe: It all started November 2010 when my office mates encouraged me to participate in a running event. It was RUN BGC ’10 and run my first 5K just for fun. Then, I got hooked on beating my personal record and going longer distances and even tried trail running. I also met a group of runners in different field like ultrarunners, marathoners and barefoot runners who influenced me to do this. After my first run, I found it fun, and it became my decision. I wanted to continue.

How long have you been doing this?

TP: I have been doing running since 2010, so that makes it 1 year+ now and still counting.

What is your typical training regimen?

TP:I train approximately two hours per day. This is inclusive of warm-ups, strengthening, main set, cool down/stretching. Then I did long runs or uphill/downhill on weekends. Of course I always make sure I have enough sleep (8-10 hrs.)

What was the source of inspiration when you join certain events?

TP: The challenge of being able to prove to myself that I am physically fit is the reason I keep on running and see how far I can push myself to my limitation.

What do you like most about running?

TP: The opportunity to compete against myself and my personal best.

Is there a specific person/athlete who inspired you to embrace running?

TP: Of course Coach Rio dela Cruz. I’m inspired for what he accomplished in his life. I admire his hardwork, from humble beginning to running marvel. I want to be like him [laugh].

What do you think you need to improve on?

TP: My speed. My average pace is 5-6 mins. per kilometers. I have to work on that.

What was the most memorable race you’ve ever joined? Why?

TP: All my races are memorable for different reasons. But the XTERRA Pang Rave Run 2012 last Feb. 26 held at Timberland Hgts., San Mateo, Rizal (click here for my review) is the toughest race I have participated in. It was my first trail run and fascinated with the scene above. After that I fell in love with it and now officially addicted to trail running.

What do you think is the most important thing to remember when doing this kind of sport?

TP: For me planning and training is the key in everything. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – I heard this saying from a local triathlete and from that moment this became my mantra.

What are your goals as a runner?

TP: On a personal level, I’d like to compete in my first marathon. Next in ultramarathon then maybe in my first ever Ironman. I also want to compete abroad like Boston marathon. Beyond that, I’d love to involve in community programs that encourage people to engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

What are the lessons you learned from doing running?

TP: Discipline and focus. I also learned that you can’t take things in a snap of fingers. You have to work for it and improve gradually as you progress.

What’s next to you?

TP: I want to keep on improving and continue to do this for many years ‘til I can’t move my body.

What are tips you can give to those who are just starting out?

TP: Our body is our weapon. First start gradually and progress with caution to avoid injuries in the future. Don’t hesitate to ask question to fellow runners and seek the help of more experienced mentors/coaches. Second find a running buddy or running group who you can train consistently with. Next is with proper diet, planning and training. Lastly focus on your own race, there’s no other time to beat that your own. Stay safe. Improve you performance every race. But most of all is to have fun. No matter what, you have to enjoy what you’re doing.

Want to know more? https://takboprintipe.wordpress.com/about-printipe/



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