The Girl Who Started It All

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston marathon. After realizing that a woman was running, race organizer Jock Semple went after Switzer shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers.” However, Switzer’s boyfriend and other male runners provided a protective shield during the entire marathon.The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines, and Kathrine later won the NYC marathon with a time of 3:07:29.

Visit Kathrine’s website: http://www.kathrineswitzer.com/index.shtml

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It doesn’t mean you’re FIT, you’re SAFE

Reading articles early in the morning is part of my daily routine. As soon as I get in to my throne (office chair, hehehe) I make sure that I’m always on the loop. Whether reading broadsheet, tabloids, magazine, online news, or watching over the TV as long as I get the informations I want, that is fine with me. So earlier today I read an article in yahoo sports that questioning why fit men die playing sports? (click here). After reading this article it made me realize that it doesn’t mean you’re fit, doing well in the sports you love will make you safe for this kind of situation. Still our health is our main priority here next to any activity in our lives. So guys make sure you’re not only physically fit but internally fit also meaning you also check your blood pressure, heart condition, sugar level and more. Here’s the full article I read earlier. Share this to our fellow athlete if you care.


Just four days after English Premier League midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered cardiac arrest during an English FA Cup match, Indian footballer Venkatesh suffered a similar fate during a match in Bangalore, India.

The 27-year-old Venkatesh, who was playing in a district level league match on March 21, collapsed on the field during the back end of the match.

While 23-year-old Muamba is in hospital in London recovering from his mid-match cardiac arrest, Venkatesh did not survive.

In a similar incident in Singapore a week earlier, 19-year-old Temasek Polytechnic student Muhammad Khairil Muhamad Nizam suddenly collapsed halfway through a friendly football match.

He was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state but didn’t survive. While investigations are underway into his death, initial reports indicated that he had died of heart failure.

There have been other previous sudden death incidences related to sports in Singapore. Last year, a 22-year-old Singaporean runner, Malcolm Sng Wei Ren, collapsed and died during the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

What can explain such unexpected deaths?
According to doctors, these sudden deaths in otherwise healthy and fit sportsmen may be explained by an underlying heart problem, compounded by vigorous physical exertion.

Dr Reginald Liew, consultant at the Department of Cardiology and deputy director of the research and development unit at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) said an underlying heart problem could include:

  • a heart muscle disorder (e.g. abnormal thickening of heart muscles)
  • an electrical problem (e.g. abnormal heart rhythm)
  • an infection weakening the heart muscle
  • a congenital abnormality of the coronary arteries

“The first two of these causes often have a genetic predisposition, meaning they may be related to certain mutations,” Liew said. Given the appropriate stimuli and triggers, all four scenarios, he explained, could result in ventricular fibrillation: the heart ventricles don’t contract properly, which may cause the heart to stop suddenly.

Who’s at risk?

Sometimes, the victim is found to have a family history of sudden death. But sudden cardiac arrest can also occur in healthy individuals without any known pre-existing heart issues and with no known family history of sudden death.

Liew added that there are screening tests available for the detection of heart muscle diseases and heart electrical disorders. For example, an echocardiogram can detect the former, and 12-lead ECG, the latter.

What can you do to lessen your risk of heart disease?

  • Have your cholesterol levels checked once a year. Excess cholesterol can cause the blood flow to the heart to become blocked or reduced.
  • Get your blood pressure checked yearly. If your blood pressure is persistently above 140/90mmHg and left untreated, it can result in damage to the heart and blood vessels.
  • Control your diabetes and monitor your blood sugar levels.
  • Lose excess body fat, especially around the waist.
  • Exercise regularly to help prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Just check with your doctor first if you have known coronary artery disease or if you’re above 40 years of age and have been inactive.
  • Quit smoking. Smokers have two to three times the risk of non-smokers of sudden cardiac death. In fact, smokers account for about 40 per cent of deaths caused by heart disease in patients who are younger than 65 years.
  • Manage your stress. Prolonged stress may contribute to a heart attack. Emotional stress and tension also cause the body to produce adrenaline, which makes the heart pump faster and harder, and may also cause the blood vessels to narrow down.

This article was written by the Health Xchange Editor, with expert input from the Department ofCardiology and Research and Development Unit at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS).

Find more health-related tips and articles on HealthXchange.com.sg, Singapore’s trusted health and lifestyle portal. Health Xchange’s articles are meant for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional surgical, medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Rapu-Rapu Island Trail Run – May 26, 2012

Albay is indeed a great place to run. From the running events I visited and based from the runners’ shared stories, we got the best places to run on the roads and on the trails. This time, we got another panoramic and breathtakingly trail run to offer to our runners. From the forest-covered with canopies, steep climbs, the thrill of river crossing, spectacular views of water falls, pristine beach, and you are also bound to reach mountain peaks which I would say truly rewarding once you have cross the Finish Line raising your arms for victory.

The Rapu-Rapu Island Trail Run will be on May 26, 2012 at the coastal island of Rapu- Rapu which is approximately 34KM away from Legazpi Pier.

This year’s race route will loop from Rapu- Rapu East Central School which is within Poblacion then passing by the breathtaking beach view along Gogon,Burabod, Look and Nagkahubas.5K will turn left and take the main road to Busay and Bariis then back to Rapu-Rapu East Central School while 10K and 21K will turn right going to mystica falls and take the main road towards Guadalupe. 10K will turn around upon reaching Kilometer 5 post while 21K proceeds to Guadalupe barrio proper, Buenavista barrio proper, cross the Buenavista beach stretch, trek the hill to Mananao, experience 20 river crossing, reach the Mananao Peak then traverse the busay trail down to Poblacion and back to rapu Rapu-Rapu East Central School . Like other running events, Rapu-Rapu Island Trail Run offers runners a chance to run and trek in an environment with a natural setting. Runners will be constantly presented with challenging hills, winding path and stream, rivers crossing throughout the route. Indeed, this trail run will give you another life changing experience this summer.

Rapu-Rapu Island Trail Run
May 26, 2012
Rapu-Rapu, Albay






Registration Fee: (Race Bib, short-sleeves lightweight dry-fit shirt, round trip boat transfer from Legazpi Pier to Rapu-Rapu, overnight accommodation, pre race and post race meal)

5K—P350.00 (exclusive for rapu-rapu registrants)

10K- P650.00 (Race Bib, short-sleeves lightweight dry-fit shirt, round trip boat transfer from Legazpi Pier to Rapu-Rapu, overnight accommodation, pre race and post race meal for non Rapu-Rapu registrants e.g. Legazpi, Naga, Manila etc)

21K-P700.00 (Race Bib, short-sleeves lightweight dry-fit shirt, Finisher’s medal, round trip boat transfer from Legazpi Pier to Rapu-Rapu, overnight accommodation, pre race and post race meal for non Rapu-Rapu registrants e.g. Legazpi, Naga, Manila etc.)


A Runner’s Circle
Aloha Hotel Bldg Manila

Legazpi & Daraga:
Ground Flr. LCC Legazpi
Rizal St. Legazpi City

2nd Floor Pacific Mall
Legazpi City

2nd Flr., Embarcadero Legazpi City

Daraga Paint Center
Rizal St., Daraga Albay

Avenue Square Naga City

Tri-n-Run MultiSports Hub
Magsaysay Ave.,Naga City


0917-563-8265 (GLOBE)
0920-967-4539 (SMART)



Rapu-Rapu Finishers Medal for 21K

Rapu-Rapu Singlet Design

New Route, New Routine and Rainy Sunday

Last Sunday I wrote about my trail and LSD training with Sir Enrique (check it here) and it turns out a great training for the both of us and decided to have another one last Sunday. If last week we focus on endurance and stability. This week we turn our attention in speed, addition of mileage and balance for trail.Earlier this afternoon it’s difficult to tell if you still want to continue the training or not due to bad weather. But with perseverance and willingness to push our body to the limit, we still carry on.

We made a new route and new routine yesterday (click here). First, run uphill and downhill (IRTM Alabang to Petron, Daang Hari). Second, LSD from Petron to Daang Reyna, rotonda. This stretch is 95% cement and 5% trail in the end of the road. I love this stretch because it’s not that polluted compare to Molino to Alabang Road and fewer cars are passing here. By the way that road lead you to Muntinlupa/San Pedro/SLEX. Back to our routine. So after the LSD, next is Sprinting in Evia football field (here) and finally LSD on our way back to Molino.

It was a tiring day and despite the bad weather we still manage to survive another Sunday training. I heard Sir Enrique lost 10lbs. and happy for the result. Mine, I lost track but definitely burn lots of calories. I guess this will be the last training for this month and resume the training again after the holy week. This time we’re planning to do this earlier because the next route will be Molino to San Pedro (WHAAATT!). I don’t know if Bullverine is serious or not but when I look at him “I see a man with a mission”.

Well, another day is over and my big day is 5 days away. I hope everything run smoothly and according to plan on that day. Stay tuned for my next review… See yah!


Ever tried running in outdoor? Stop wondering my friend and try this trail run coming on may 27. I’m planning now for my next trail run and hoping this NATURE’S TRAIL DISCOVERY RUN 2012 will be my 3rd trail run this year. Join me and other fellow runners as we conquer the trail in Rizal and enjoy the beauty nature. Register now and see you there!

The mountain ranges composing the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal are at a critical level with its natural water resources dwindling at faster rate due to destruction of its forests, rivers and water springs which usually oozing with water all-year run but are now becoming drier in the summer months, a clear sign that if the destruction of the forests continue we may no longer have the watersheds but just dry parched mountains. Wealth of the forest must benefit the upland communities not waste them.

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run will bring runners to new adventures of trail running as well as promoting environmental awareness the reforestation of the watersheds of Tanay, Rizal and the development of upland communities through the mountain sports tourism promotion. It is a 3-leg series of Trail Run races scheduled on May 27, September 2 and December 2 in 2012. The series will run in different trail routes at the foot and top of hills and mountains, running through small trails, dirt roads, rivers, and inside the forested areas for complete trail experience. It shall serve as qualifying races for the annual “Love A Tree” which will have its next run on February 2013.

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run 2012
May 27, 2012 @ 5AM
San Andres, Tanay Rizal

Registration Fees:

Regular Rate: (April 2 to May 15, 2012)
10K (Open to all Filipino running enthusiasts) – PHP 750
16K (Open to all Filipino running enthusiasts – PHP 850
21K (Open to all Nationalities) – PHP 950

Early Bird Rate: (March 15 to April 1)
10K – PHP 650
16K – PHP 750
21K – PHP 850

Official Closing of Registration: May 15, 2012

Late Registration: (May 16 – May 25, 2012)
(Late registrants will receive finisher shirt and medal, one week after the event)

– Additional PHP 200 for Transportation
– Free Camping (bring your own camping gear and tent, a day before / during the event)
– Inclusion: Race Bib, Finisher ‘s Shirts and Finisher’s Medal all category

Gun Starts:
21K – 5:30 am
16K – 5:50 am
10K – 6:00 am

Registration Venues: 
– Chris Sports
– Early Bird Registration: Direct with Pimco Office

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run – Finisher’s Shirt:

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run – Finisher’s Medal:

For more details and Early Bird Registration Please Contact:
Pimco Sporting Events
Telephone Nos.: 532-1645/571-0524


Trail Running 101

I like this article sir rene. pa-reblog po. thanks.


There is a certain romanticism attached when i try to describe or read the pleasures of trail running. I always get to absorb the high and tranquility of the trails for fresh air leaving behind the chaos and pollution of urban running behind.

To quietly reflect on the beauty of the natural world is a given to those who take their time exploring the trails but for others, it serves as another challenge as we keep our hearts pumping when we join a trail race, no different from the usual grind of a road race.

I’ve been running trails for the past 3 years and the joys of experiencing the change of scenery and the excitement of racing on these parts add to the over-all enjoyment of running. If you’re new to the sport and would like to experience the exhilaration of running in this new environs, there are certainly many ways…

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Running with Krupicka?

Last Sunday me and my running buddy decided to have a trail run in Petron, Daang Hari, Alabang. This is our first time to run here and finally we found trail routes near our place. Starting at Phoenix gas station in Bacoor to the meeting place took me approx. 30 minutes. On your way to Petron you can also encounter lots of uphill and downhill so I just take it lightly so that I can still keep up with Enrique later that afternoon.

Enrique a.k.a. “Bullverine” Sundiang was already there waiting for me, already warmed up. And so we quickly jump in to the trail as soon as I arrived at the place. Since Bullverine is running barefoot we decided to check the surface first in a slow pace and check if it is Ok. We look for broken glasses, sharp object and stone that might cause injury along the path. Of course we need an injury free training, right?

As soon as the surface is clean and good to go, we run in our normal pace. Bullverine serves as my pacer and train me for endurance, stability and balance. And also this serves as my preparation for the upcoming Salomon X Trail Run on the 31st of March. After our training we took some pictures for souvenir purposes. Our training went well, injury-free and we both happy with the result. I’m looking forward for our next trail training this coming Sunday (3-24-2012). For those interested runners who wants to join us just PM me or Enrique  in our Facebook account. See you on Sunday!