Race Reminders: Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

Hello fellow trail runners. Here’s a quick reminder from sir Jonel of frontRUNNER.

“A few important things;

1. This is a trail run so do NOT expect marshals in every corner waving you where to go. Be guided by ribbons, blinkers, tarpaulin signs and buntings to lead you. Together with some of the most experienced trail runners who have done marking chores with me from Ugo to Pulag, I will be marking the course the best way I know how to. We shall be doing our homework and I expect you to do yours no less. If all else fails, do NOT panic.Simply backtrack to where you saw the last marker and take it from there. Common sense and good judgment, a friend said, are two of the most important things to bring when out trail running.

2. Aid Stations are located in Kms 6, 15, 20 and 25 and vice-versa. Study the race route very well and plan your hydration and nutrition accordingly. While it is an open table, please get only what you need, this is NOT a supermarket(read: NO take home). Be considerate of others behind you.

3. Please bear in mind the “Leave No Trace” mantra at all times. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified outright. Your trash is never too heavy for you to carry. Garbage bags will be available in all stations.

4. The events will start on time, RAIN or SHINE. FYI, I conducted this event last year even with the arrival of Typhoon Gorio under Signal 2 right at the gunstart. NO latecomer will be allowed to join the race once the events are on.

5. Be nice to animals and their young and do NOT wear red . Do NOT make eye contact or sound, evade at all times by going a little bit longer and around them.

6. Always remember that trail shoes were meant to be dirty. It rightfully belongs to the trails. This is also the most opportune time and place to use your cool hydration stuff which were never meant to be used in the big city.

7. Trails are the right places to get down and dirty. If you have to literally taste the dirt(and mud), so be it. Suck it up!

8. Expect anything and everything.

Wishing you all the best and I hope you will enjoy what the team prepared for you.

Happy trails!”





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