Salomon Xtrail Pilipinas 2014 is a week away

Below are important reminders to help you enjoy the event


For your safety and performance, we require the following gear:
For the 32K and 24K Mountain Run

  • Head lamp
  • Whistle
  • Hydration bag/ belt

For the 12K and 6K Road to Trail Run

  • Hydration bag/ belt

Marshals will inspect runners before allowing them in the chute. No mandatory gear, no race.
Salomon XTrail 2014 is a green event. Bring your own hydration packs as no plastic cups will be distributed in the event.

A separate email was sent to those who have seats on the bus.  If you are supposed to be on the bus, please email us at so we can confirm your seat.

*The shortest and fastest route to Hamilo is via Cavitex – Naic – Puerto Azul Route.

The Carpass attached should be surrendered to Hamilo GuardHouse Entrance, with all the participants’ names riding the car.

If you are riding the bus service, please disregard the carpass.

Each registered runner is issued a Grey Hamilo Wristband, included in the race kit. These are paid day passes worth 600 PHP.  Do not lose them.

NO WRISTBAND, NO ENTRY to the event staging area.

If misplaced, Hamilo will charge P600 for guest daytrip fee.


  1. Strictly no brining in of food & drinks inside the club.
  2. Hotel Guests: Registered Runners & Guests of Salomon X Trail  who are checked-in Pico Sands Hotel have automatic access to Pico Beach & Country Club.
  3. Day Trip Runners & Companions

a. Registered Runners have automatic access to Pico Beach and Pico Country Club.
b. Companions

  • Day Trip Fees for Salomon X-Trail Event
  • Use of Pico Beach (swimming) – P 600 / head
  • Use of Pico Beach & Country Club – P 1,000 /head
  • Companions who just watch and eat in Pico Beach  – No Charge

c.       Cash Card – All purchases in the club for food and other services are done via cash card. There will be a cash card loading station in the event area where guests can load cash.
d.      Credit Card – Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) is also accepted as mode of payment.


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