You can’t serve two masters at a time

I tried my best but I guess my best wasn’t good enough… (whaaaat?! like the song?)

Last Saturday I, together with the group of ladies that I brought in Batulao few weeks ago and fellow teammates conquers the mountain of Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite.


I’m excited in this adventure because this is my first time to become a trail guide while doing trail run training at the same time. At first I believed that I can juggle between the two but in the end I stick in guiding the first time hikers.

This is my second time here in Pico de Loro and prove that you can’t climb the same mountain again. Though the trail is fresh in my mind since the last time I visit here to train. We still found ourselves lost our way to the summit. Not once but twice hehe (poor trail reading skills). I guess I have to memorize this baby again and again and hone my skills on how to read trail.


For me, getting lost is part of the adventure and luckily we still manage to reach the top and climb the second summit, the Monolith.

By the way Monolith is the second summit that you have to climb, literally using old rope just to reach its top. Some say it’s a bit dangerous climbing that part of the mountain but once you reach it there’s the feeling of accomplishment deep inside you. Because other people they just look at it and took picture with it from a far. It takes pure guts, iron will and eagerness to reach the top. I may exaggerate the words but that’s how I describe the feeling I felt when I climb that side.

Pico de Loro is one of my favourite mountain near my place to climb. Where I can relax and get close with nature. This is my way to flash out all the stress around me and absorbing all the positivity of our Mother Nature.



Photo Credit: Zhors Somera

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