…at the Parrot’s peak


We finally made it!

It’s been six months since I ran with my fellow Cavite teammate, Epoy and we had the chance to run again yesterday. This time in Pico de Loro/Mt. Palay-Palay in Ternate.

First off, we meet at Epoy’s place and leaves at around 6:00 A.M. and head to our drop-off at Ternate. From there we set-up our things, had a power breakfast at the local eatery and register to DENR and start our journey to the summit.

This is my first time to run in Epoy’s playground so I’m a bit anxious in the place. But after a few metres and few “chikahan” I become comfortable in the ground afterwards.


me, being silly

Many hikers and trail runners alike are going to this place not just to train and escape from the choking pollution and toxic work of the metro but they visit this place because of the beautiful view in the summit and one of the nicest day-hikes from Metro Manila.

Epoy said we must cover 2 loops yesterday (and we did) so that I will enjoy my visit there and can focus more in training. In the first ascend we focus in time and less photo opts (even I’m seriously wanted to take a few shot there). We made to the summit after an hour and half from the starting point. There, we caught up with high blowing winds and lots of mountaineers already having their group shots and enjoying the warmth of the sun. After a few minutes we decided to make our way back were we started, have our lunch and get ready for round 2.


Buddy run and friends

Meanwhile after lunch we quickly made our way to the top so that we can finish our training at around 3 or 4 P.M. We both agree that in the second ascend we have to level down the pace because we just came from lunch (obviously). While walking we talked lots of things like previous race experience, upcoming races and got few trick from the master. We talk about techniques, nutrition’s and how to prevent injuries. We also took some few shots while running, during downhill, in the summit and new friends along the way.

After some steep uphill, lots of rock obstacles, picture-picture, lectures and assisted few climbers up/down the summit… It took us 8+ hrs. to complete our 2 loop mission in Pico de Loro. We really had great time yesterday. The trail experience, the people we just met and the astonishment we received, it’s all worth it! Thank you Lord for injury free training and the warm welcome Mt. Palay-Palay.


Enjoying the summit

I will definitely come back for more. This is a highly recommended training ground for trail runners out there. Also remember to be responsible with your trash while inside the park. Love our own. Love our nature. That’s all folks! See you in my next adventures!


Kilian Jornet-like moves!


Summary of run from my 310xt

Photo credit to: Epoy Poblete


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