Trail run season is ON!

Once again Winter season is over and Spring time just started. Here in the Philippines when cold breeze is no longer felt any more, this is the sign that summer is just around the corner. The most awaited season in the country (next to Christmas). Summer usually starts at the 2nd week of the month.

While everybody is busy preparing for their summer get away, others see summer in different view. Because this is also the start of different trail run events in the country. Expect lots of trail event happening in March down to early week of June.

Some of the biggest trail run event are TNF100 in May and Salomon trail run in April 12. Of course, Printipe will definitely won’t miss this races. Last week I started to register and start the training as early as possible.


The 1st part of the training is adapting to uneven terrain. Making your lower body familiar with this type of surface. In my next blog I’ll be writing my experience in Mt. Batulao, Batanggas together with a small group which I also trained for their upcoming race.

Until next time… see yah!


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