After 5 bull circle and 5 bull session (which i wasn’t able to complete) finally the long wait is over. The Bull Run Dream Marathon is here.

While everyone were jittery and excited for the marathon, I was in deep slumber. I watched a football game with my friends a night before and spent the whole morning the following day exploring Tagaytay. As soon as we reached our hotel room, I jumped in my bed and had my ‘beauty rest’. By the time I woke up it’s already 11:30 in the evening.Just enough time left for me to take my super late dinner and prepare my self for the marathon.

When I reached the venue, the vibe of the place were full of each dreamers’ excitement. Everyone was very supportive of each dreamer’s dream: that is to dream big… run strong… and to finish the 42 K marathon.


This isn’t my 1st full marathon.. in fact this is my second, but the feeling and the experience in running the dream marathon is far different from my first one. I can’t explain the feeling i felt when i started running.

The course was a combination of rolling uphill and flat roads. Running this type of course is not a joke, I can’t even maintain my 3-1 interval. The weather was perfect. TBR provided everything a dreamer needs in a marathon, from dream chasers, pacers, hydration and a little bit of everything from chocs, gummy worms and fruits! We were babied, the most spoiled batch of marathoners in TBR history. It’s all worth it.

Thank you for our “Dream Maker”- from Ms Jaymie Pizzaro, Coach Jim Lafferty, Neville Manaois and Coach Lit Onrubia, to all the support group thank you for making my dream a reality.


So for the next dreamers, if you want to become a marathoner, dream big and finish strong. Prepare yourself, train smart and enjoy the experience.



Congratulations to all! You are now a MARATHONERSSSSS!


#readyforanything #ULAHTBRDM2014 #thisisLEGENDARY #fortyfreakintwo







wait.. wait.. There’s more..




Let me share to you the road to my dream marathon…

From claiming the welcome kit, joining the practice run and running talk, up to the send-off party and down the finish line. The 5 months preparations is all worth it.

(Kudos to Boss Wax, Joy and Julius! Thanks Joey for the tips and all who went to support us!)


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5 thoughts on “Chasing my MARATHON DREAM

  1. Congratulations batchmate! Hope this will continue.

    What’s next in our list? Milo? hehehe

    See you around sir… Congrats again! 🙂

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