Official TBR ULAH Dream Marathon Course Map 2014

Review the course for the last time. Planning is essential.


What will you see on the route?

(1) Dream Chaser stations: 4 stations with 15 volunteer runners, mostly TBRDM alumni, who will provide you support, food, motivation, and help during the course of the entire race. Others will provide you with free massage while others will run with you holding umbrellas. Just wait for them to surprise you! There’s no other race in the world with this feature!

(2) Music: Bands during the race and as you run towards the finish. Our band this year is Ammo Band, ex-band of popular Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda, with special guest triathlete Reujen Lista.

(3) Water and Gatorade Stations: Water and Gatorade stations at every 1.5km.

(4) Pumped Up Stations: Stations with water and Gatorade PLUS chocolates, bananas, ice, Tiger Tail, petroleum jelly, and medical aid.

(5) Dream Mobile for Spectators:  No one else will be allowed on the route except for registered runners, Dream Chasers, and registered Pacers.  Your family and friends will be able to cheer for you on the route if they hop on the Dream Mobile, a bus that will take spectators around the course.

* Note: Organizers reserve the right to make changes in stations or course before race day.  Runners will be informed should any revisions be made.


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