Never run alone

Finally, after a week of recovery from shin splints I’m back in the road to train again. As always running buddy Bullverine is present in the scene. I can’t tell that I’m 100% healed but it felt great after the run. Followed by cross-train:

Chin Ups: 5/5/5
Ordinary Crunches: 50 & Bicycle Crunches: 20/20
Push Ups: 15/15/15
Hamstring Kick: 30/30/30
Calf Raise: 40/40/40
Air Squat: 30/30/30
Burpees: 10/10/10

And after the 3 sets of XTraining a sudden turn of event just happen. I felt something is happening in my ear. It’s like some air pressure is building up inside. The feeling that when you’re riding a bus and you’re on your way to a high altitude place or when a plane is taking off, that feeling. And after a few seconds I’m feeling dizzy. Next thing I know I was sitting and Bullverine is asking for help. Thank God Sir Mario (fellow runner in the scene was there) helped us. Darn it! I don’t like this. When I push myself to the limit my body can’t take the punishment. I feel weak.

Sir Mario said maybe my body wasn’t ready to do high intensity training that time since I just get back from a week of rest. Maybe he’s right but I already did this kind of training before and I’m fine. I just don’t understand what is happening to my body right now. The changes and the adjustment, it sucks! But anyway thank you so much running bud for helping me out there. I owe you big time buddy and also to you Sir Mario. Salamat din po sa paghatid sa bahay. Makakabawi din ako sa inyo.

In addition when we are on our way to our place Bullverine said I wasn’t responding to any of his questions and I’m walking like zombies, haha. To be honest after the dizziness kicks in I can’t see a thing. I just felt that I’m walking and hearing the voice of my buddy, that’s it. Next thing I knew, BAM! Somebody grab my pulse, Sir Mario is talking to me and my buddy is cheering me up hehe. Again, thank you, both of you. I also thank you, you my Lord for giving me the strength to overcome this trial. Amen! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

This might happen to me if my running buddy wasn’t there. Thx bud!

If you ask me what was the lesson I’ve learned today. I’ll say no matter how fit you are, even though you know your body that well never run alone. Always have a running buddy. In case you’re not comfortable running with a buddy in your side always check the place if there are still people around, just in case something might happen to you there will be somebody can help you. For security purposes, right. You don’t want to end up lying in the hospital or something seriously happen to you. Plus if you noticed that is something is changing in your body seek your doctor’s help immediately. Be safe everyone and keep running… with buddies 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Never run alone

  1. In the Philippines most of our folks do not want to see a doctor for general check-up’s due to these reasons:
    (1) Filipinos are not use to seeing a doctor for regular check-ups, because of lack of knowledge or just living in avoidance (Fear of knowing the present health condition).
    (2) Seeing a good doctor in a reputable hospital cost an arm and a leg. Most Filipinos do not have the finances to cover all the expenses.
    (3) Seeing a reputable doctor is a financial burden in the Philippines for most Filipinos.
    If you have the finances or a medical benefit, I encourage you to have yourself physically check by a reputable doctor. I pray that you will be heal of your physical problem, but please for your safety see a doctor. Keep yourself healthy and have a long life by God’s Grace and Mercy. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you sir. Maybe you’re right the heath benefits here in PH is not as good in the US. This weekend I’ll see our doctor and have my check up.

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