More reason why you should run

Hey, are you feeling down and kinda low in energy? Looking for alternative way to loose weight? Try this!

Ta-da! Running…

Not into it? Why? You don’t need fancy equipment here. All you need is the will and guts to take a step for the better you.

Here, see the image below and read some of the reason why you should try running. It’s good for you pal! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “More reason why you should run

  1. Why do you have to run? First of all it really burns calories more than any other exercises. When I was a young runner I felt the strength of superman in me. As I got older I lost some of the discipline of running. I started to gain weight, felt sluggish and even got diagnose as a pre-diabetic II patient. That is when I realize that I need to get healthy to live longer and enjoy life. Now, I am running again because as you get older you want to remain healthy and live life to the fullest. Love your body because it is the Temple of the Holy Spirit…

  2. This is the main reason why we run and exercise. To stay fit and keep ourselves in shape. Thanks sir armand for sharing your reason to us. Keep on running! 🙂

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