Free your Feet

Did you know that running with shoes do more harm than running in barefoot? Try to look at this infographic that I saw around the web a few days ago and maybe you will consider switching to run barefoot. 🙂 Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Free your Feet

  1. I agree in what you found out, but only a few will practice running barefoot because of safety issues and comfort living. I will have a hard time running barefoot too.

  2. It takes practice sir and guts for those who’s willing to run barefoot. Like me, at first it feels awkward to run barefoot but eventually you’ll get used to it. Just take it slow. And the reason why I switch to it because I’ve noticed a lot of pain in my lower body esp. in knee and shin after I race or even in training. Since then I’m running barefoot or with my minimalist shoes like ZEMGear. 🙂

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