Barefoot Blisters Checklist


I started running barefoot since January this year. It’s been eight months now since my first step and embraces this kind of running style. By the way, the reason I’ve tried the barefoot running is because I experience a lot of pain in my lower body. Since then the pain I’ve experienced since I got into running gradually decreases until it’s totally pain-free. But we’re not here to discuss this time my transition to barefoot. We can have that in some other time. For now let’s look on what is our topic today.

I wonder how to obtain the James Bond blister

One day I saw this image in my friend FB (facebook) wall and made me think. Since I embraced barefoot running did I get all of this? At first I laugh because some of it is true and some are not yet acquired. After a few moments I realized that out of seven blister markings I only got three. There are the relapse blister, did not lift the toe blister and mileage blister. Now, to all the barefoot runners who are reading this blog I have a question for you. Have you completed all the blister markings?

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4 thoughts on “Barefoot Blisters Checklist

  1. Hey Printipe. Thanks for posting this chart. I’ve been barefoot running for nearly a year now (also with vivos and fivefingers, though I’ve been trying to phase those out), and endured lift the toe blisters and mileage blisters. I’d thought the toe blisters were coming from me pushing off, but after seeing the diagram I concentrated on lifting my toes more and the blisters have now been very minimal. So thanks for the help! Good journeys in your running! Matt

  2. Glad this chart helps Matt. Just continue what your’re doing and keep me posted on what’s new in your training. Happy running! Printipe

  3. I’m new to BFR but experience the milage blister or soarness on the ball of the foot below the big toe. But only on my left foot. But this is to be considered a to much to soon issue rather than form? I know I have a weak left leg and foot. This could be my left foot catching up to the right?

  4. Having a blister is normal especially you’re now in BFR. Don’t worry to much. It’s normal, what I suggest is try to strengthen your lower body.

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