Having the longest name in the Olympics

If you’re given a chance, which one do you prefer? The shorter name of you or the longest one? Of course some will answer short and some will go for the longest. But if you ask me I’ll prefer the shorter one. Why? Because it doesn’t consumes time when filling up documents, application and especially in exams. I remember in my elementary days I’m always the last one to pass the paper if there’s a writing name game. “The fastest student to pass his or her name to me in a small piece of paper he or she will have this special edition Susy and Geno pencil”. When my teachers have this kind of game, men I don’t expect to win unless they change the mechanics the other way around hahaha. By the way if you’re not familiar who are Susy and Geno are, and then let me refresh you a bit. Susy and Geno mascots are from Sustagen back in the 90’s that children love especially when they visit school to perform and promote the product and Sustagen is a powdered milk drink for children.

Anyway back to the story. I prefer the shorter name because it saves time when you fill-up documents, period. Now what if, if you have this name and you’re in a hurry. Would you still want to have this name?

Introducing Iranian weightlifter – Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh. Mr. Mohammadpourkarkaragh here holds the longest name in the Olympics. But did you know he has as many last-name letters as Michael Phelps has career gold medals. Plus there are 17 more letters in his last name than in the name of his home country and it is 20 letters longer than the shortest last name at the Olympics. There’s a Chinese judoka named Lamusi A. Just “A.”

Mohammadpourkarkaragh’s last name is long, but it doesn’t come close to the longest name ever at an Olympics. This belongs to a skier from the 1956 Winter Games. He’s name is Max Emanuel Maria Alexander Vicot Bruno de la Santisima Trinidad y Todos los Santos von Hohenlohe Langenburg. Now beat that!

 If I have this name, I wonder how I will fill-up my SSS and credit card application. Definitely I’ll ask an extra time to my teacher in my grade school days. Ok class, pass your papers 😦


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