Try this! You’ll be hook too.

Kalongkong Hiker

What do you do during recovery days? Do you still prefer running few kilometers, swim or watch television.

Me and my running buddies found out this very challenging online game called QWOP and we are all challenged and of course laughing and setting race records.

QWOP is a 2008 ragdoll-basedFlash game created by former Cut Copy bassist Bennett Foddy. Players control an athlete named “Qwop” using only the Q, W, O and P keys (In the multiplayer version, player 1 uses the Q,W,E, and R keys and player 2 makes do with the U, I, O, and P keys).

A couple of years after the game was released on the internet, the game became an internet meme after its outbreak in December 2010. Despite criticisms for its difficulty due to the controls, the game helped Foddy’s site ( reach 30 million hits.

Try this game by visiting:

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