Back to training – road to MILO half-marathon

Yesterday is the only time I got back from my training session. I think I’ve missed almost 1 week of training 😦 This is because I’m having trouble with our weather last week. Raining, thunder, strong wind and lightning are all over. It’s hard to predict when will be the best time to train. Since I’m scared of lighting I never took the chance going outside just to train. Call me coward but I value my life more. Mamaya nyan tamaan pako ng kidlat, hindi pako naka takbo sa MILO. Baliwa rin ang paghahanda ko. So what I did is, I still doing my strength workout in my crib as a substitute for the running session that I’ve missed. Plus my mother got back from her vacation from Europe so the security within the premises is heavily guarded.

Things to do

So yesterday came and I finally got the chance to train again. Luckily my coach is also training that day so I’m very grateful to that. We had catch-up on what’s new, talked about our future races to join in and of course we train. Later that day while we we’re having our cool down he grab something in his bag. I wonder what it is and suddenly I saw a small paper. Haha there it is, the target time for my SUB 2 for MILO that he mentioned that he will made for me. Written in there is the breakdown of my target time for the 21k. The minutes per kilometer and also the right pace for it. I’m so glad with this. From now on this will be my basis for acquiring the SUB2 in any 21k races. It’s up to me on how I will improve my time. Thank you Coach Bulleverine. You’re such a good mentor, coach and you serve as an inspiration not only to me but to all the runners who knows you. God bless to you sir and more power!

Target time provided by Coach Bullverine

(I’m sorry but I can’t help it. I want to share this to all. I know this is not a big deal and besides this is my blogsite I can do what I want here. Feel free to copy the target time for 21k, just ask hehe. All the credits to Sir Enrique Sundiang.)


2 thoughts on “Back to training – road to MILO half-marathon

  1. If any of you want to be great in running then you have to train and think as a Champion. It takes hard work, discipline, passion, courage, consistency, patience, and faith to yourself. When I was still a young athlete (Running the 5,000 m, 10,000, and the marathon) in collage I train 365 days, rain or shine, no one can stop me from running except GOD. Try it, I know anybody can do it… What you sow is what you will reap.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. Don’t worry I’ll keep in mind what you’ve said. Thank you po 🙂

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