Is SUB 2 possible?

Last June 17, I thought running in Run United 2 (RU2) would be my comeback road race but sadly I was wrong, because as far as I can remember the last road race I participated with was Condura Skyway Marathon that was held last February. I extremely missed running in the road because basically this is where my running career started. This is where I started to lose weight and eventually fell in love with this sport. Approximately, it’s been 5 months since the last time I was seen on the road scene because I partly shifted my interest into Trail Runs and unexpectedly falling in love not only with this type of marathon but also with the grandeur environment that it offers. Yet after participating into different trail runs, I recently came up with a decision, to return into the road scene again wherein finally I have decided that MILO Marathon will be my comeback race.

And surprisingly, my upcoming comeback into the road scene gave me a total package of excitement plus my own mission which is to challenge myself even more. Joining MILO Marathon gave me a thought of having a target PR (Personal Record). I am very eager to break the record that I’ve made in finishing 21k last year. Yes, I want it so bad that’s why I already started my 6 weeks training in preparation with that. SUB 2 is my target time in finishing the half marathon and now that my second week of training is about to end I can strongly feel the pressure rushing on me.

If last year, I trained myself all alone for MILO Marathon, this time I have someone who guides me and go along with me during training. He is currently adding to my pressure as well, his name is Enrique “Bullverine” Sundiang, my running/training buddy. After all the hard works of training we’ve been and were going through and for all his effort on sharing and teaching me all the knowledge he has in order for me to overcome the race, I must say it will be embarrassing to disappoint him. It’s so hard to let down someone like Bullverine, though according to him all I have to do is to enjoy, just enjoy the run ‘til I finish the half marathon and if there’s one more thing that boosts my eagerness, it is when he believes that I will conquer it.

3 weeks from now, MILO Marathon is about to take place on the field, it is truly fast approaching. I know this is not my first time to run a half marathon but still I am anxious of what might happen on that day. Actually, it is a mixed emotion of happiness and nervousness.

The MILO Marathon is one of the most inimitable marathons in the country, so expect massive number of participants. Aside from the fact that you will enjoy the whole run because you will be able to run with your running buddies and families, the major objective of this marathon is to be able to help the unfortunate children to have their own rubber shoes. MILO is giving away rubber shoes to those unlucky children who don’t have shoes or even worn out slippers to wear. This marathon doesn’t only benefit the runners by winning cash prizes, medals and trophies but what’s more important are the beneficiaries who are waiting out there to grab their own rubber shoes.

The deadline of registration is on July 22, precisely its 1 week before the said event. So what are you waiting for? Stand-up, go now to the nearest registration site near you and sign-up! See you in this most awaited and most amazing event of the year, the 36th National MILO Marathon that will happen on 29th of July.

Run and push yourself! Go SUB 2! I can do this! WE can do this!


One thought on “Is SUB 2 possible?

  1. Good luck on the half! I like to bounce back and forth between road races and trail races as well. They both offer such different running environments. I don’t think I could do just one type!

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