Trees, trails and sea of clouds

Summer season is officially over and rainy day has just arrived. What is the better way to end this season with the bang? Trees, trails and sea of clouds! That’s how it is. Last Sunday I was lucky to participate on the first leg of Nature’s Trail Discovery Run held in Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal. I was one of the bloggers who invited by Sir Jared to test the race route 3 weeks ago but unfortunately I wasn’t able to join them. So this time I make sure I can join them in this race because this is too good to miss out.

My anxiety level that day was really high; I can’t even sleep in the bus while on our way to the venue. Maybe I’m just excited, hehe. When we arrived in the scene I can feel the excitement of the runners in their faces as they leave the bus and make their way to the basketball court where all the runners gathered. You can see already many runners are doing their usual routines like stretching, jogging around the court and photo-ops. After getting my race bib from team norphl, had a little breakfast, placed my luggage to the baggage area and quickly ran to corner not far from the starting are to have my preparation to the race.

I thought it’s going to rain that day because there’s no sign from the sun that he will shine. But later that morning, I think 8 a.m. he started shows up. The weather that day was good and it’s a sunny one so my main strategy is to finish the race as quickly as I can but I can’t resist the beauty of Tanay. Here are some pictures I took during the run. Enjoy!

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Here’s what I’ve noticed in this event:

  • Registration Fee > medal + finishers shirt + race kit + unmatched beauty of nature = 950 (21k) SULIT!
  • Registration Venue > online registration and registration sites were accessible
  • Participants > participation is limited for both 10k and 21k categories
  • Race Kit > helpful reminders included inside the race kit and Bib no.
  • Singlet > no singlet provided
  • Transpo > additional 200 for the transpo
  • Portalets > i failed to notice if there was any
  • Campers Village > campers may do overnight
  • Baggage Counter > was able to utilize this facility
  • Website & Facebook Page > information about the event and quick response by the CHR in any inquiries is a plus points
  • Gun Start > gun start of this event was on-time and early
  • Program Host > Supladong Runner did a really good job hosting this event.
  • Distance > only 2 distances are available (10k & 21K)
  • Hydration > the water was aplenty
  • Photographers > thanks Team USB for providing the pictures
  • Route > its challenging and grueling route I’ve ever experience plus bridge and rivers. 🙂
  • Banana Station > only 1 banana station is provided despite of 3 that is originally illustrated in the manual including in the kit
  • Buko Station > this one is for free provided by the locals
  • Timing Issues > I don’t have timing issues in this event and result was accurate
  • Kilometer Markers > I’ve seen no KM markers in this event, correct me if I’m wrong
  • Directional Sign > They may not large as runrio but you can see them
  • Marshals > although some marshal gave wrong directions to other runners there are still some that are very helpful and knowledgeable on the race route
  • Loop Cords > we received plastic cord for a loop cords at each major turnaround points
  • Taho Station > I didn’t experience this at the finish line 😦 If they provide this I hope in the next leg there will be enough for all the runners
  • Medical Team > ambulance for medical emergencies are provided
  • Prize > trophy, medal and cash prizes were given to the top 3 finishers in both category
  • Special Raffle > lucky winner may win viking trail shoes from norphl
  • Loots Bag > freebies on paper bags (mineral water, banana, mini chocolates and soda)
  • Race Results > visit PIMCO’s FB page for race result

My opinion

Thank God I’ve finished this race without any serious injury. Although I’ve finished the race in 5 hrs. and 19 mins. I’m still proud on what I’ve accomplished and still hunger for more. This is my fifth trail run for this year and every trail runs I conquered, each one is totally different. This is what I liked in this kind of event. You learned a new lesson every time you finished the race and met new people that you can add in your circle of life.

This will not happen without the invitation from Sir Jared a.k.a. Supladong Irish. Because of him I was able to join such a great event like this. I owe you one Sir. Also, I would like to thank PIMCO, Team NORPHL, and all the sponsors who made this event very interesting and challenging. You gave us a trail to remember. I hope the 2nd leg has more to offer. I’m looking forward to run in the 2nd leg of this trail run trilogy.

Btw, the 2nd leg is happening on Sept. 1-2. Registration is now ongoing. Visit the PIMCO event site here for more details. Its better to register early to avoid inconvenience plus this will give you time to train for the coming event. If you missed the first leg this is the right time to bounce back and experience the beauty of nature. Congrats to everyone who finished the race! See you all at the 2nd leg!

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