Watcha gonna do?

Take a look at this image. These are the two different lifestyle that usually happening now days. Obviously the dude on the left side shows the better lifestyle than the other one. Regular exercise and healthy diet keeps our body in good condition and reduces the risk of having decease. Just like in the image below, our body is like a well-oiled machine that performs smoothly when it’s clean. We can do better in every way if our body is fit.

To avoid any problem with your body in the future start your healthy lifestyle now. As in now! Quit smoking, drinking too much alcohol, sleeping late, eating junk foods, etc. Instead, try to lessen it first until it’s completely out of your system. While doing this you can engage yourself in different types of activity that requires a lot of body movement. This way you can get rid of your bad habits and at the same time you’re on your way to become physically fit again.

These are few tips from me in getting your life back again. Instead of being a couch potato try stepping outside and try physical activity with your friends and family. Try outdoor activity like mountain climbing, trail running, downhill biking or just plain running. Actually there’s no reason to have an excuse doing this. If you really want to do this you will make a way. There’s one saying that “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. So make a way for the better. Search the web for any activity near you and participate in it with a buddy or with your family. You’re going love it at the same time you can have your bonding with the person that you love.

Stay safe guys… and remember you’ve just been informed by the prince. 🙂


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