MILO 3in1 APEX Running School

Do you want to improve your running skills? Do you want to be stronger, fitter and faster? Of course you cannot make this all in you own. You need the guidance from the experts. My friend this is your lucky day! Milo are teaching some drill and having lectures on how you can improve your running experience that will help you to reach your full potential. They also have different session per day in a week happening simultaneously at Bonifacio Global City High Street (grounds) and Quezon City Memorial Circle. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to join ‘coz there will be different types of running level that suits you. So what are you waiting for?! Grab that butt of yours and start this fun and awesome running clinic! 🙂


How’s my running?

The MILO 3in1 APEX Running School. For this year, we will teach you the right way of running by making you ask yourself ‘how’s my running?’  A simple question that will help runners assess their technique and correct it to help them be stronger, fitter, faster for a safer and enjoyable running experience.

It’s happening simultaneously at Bonifacio Global City High Street (grounds) and Quezon City Memorial Circle with the following schedule:

•Quezon City Memorial Circle 
May 9 – July 21 (3 months)

Monday and Wednesday

6:15 pm to 8pm and Saturday 6 am to 8 am
•Bonifacio Global City High Street

May 10 to July 21 (3 months) 
Tuesday and Thursday – 6:15 pm to 8 pm and Saturday 6 am to 8 am

Activity per session:

MONDAY and TUESDAYS are usually “Recovery Day (as most joined a run the previous Sunday). It’s 10% Running Science Lecture, 50% injury prevention, strength and conditioning training, 30% easy / recovery run, 10% post run recovery / cool down stretching.

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAYS are “Serious Training Day” 10% lec, 20% strength training and conditioning, 60% training runs, 10% cool down / recovery.

SATURDAYS are “Long Easy Mileage Runs” No Strength and Conditioning. No lecture. Just easy Mileage Runs. You are welcome to join any day that fits your schedule.

You are welcome to join any day that fits your schedule.

The running clinic has 6 categories that will fit your running level such as:

•5k Group (for beginners / newbies)
•10k Beginners (for beginning 10k runners)
•21k Beginner (for beginning 21k runners)
•10k Advance (for those who have been running 10K)
•21k Advance (for serious 21k runners)
•42k Group (for those who are ready to run the marathon)

Participants also need to choose the level they are interested in participating. Price is P600 per level. Or P1800 for all 3 levels.

•Level 1 – Injury prevention (May to June 2012)
•Level 2 – Strength and conditioning (June 2012)
•Level 3 – Speed and power (July 2012) Slots are limited to 150 participants per venue. Your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Participants will get the following for joining:

a. Training singlets.

b. Postural and Physical assessment

•c.Biomechanical Running Video Assessment. (for those enrolled in the full program or 3 levels)

d. Comprehensive strength and conditioning program

e. Sports medicine and sports science lectures

f. Supervision by top running coaches

•g. Personal group physical therapist

•h. Water / hydration booth

i. Certificate for the graduates

Why is the MILO 3in1 APEX Running School the most sought after running clinic in the country:

1. The MILO 3in1 APEX Running School is the biggest and most scientific running clinic in the country. It was the first to revolutionize running clinics by introducing injury prevention, core training, strength training, speed and power training, and many more.

2. The smallest coach to student ratio of 1:20.

3. MILO 3in1 APEX Running School has produced more than 600 runners in 2 years. 99% of Milo-APEX runners have beaten their personal record while running less mileage.

4. Top sports medicine (Dr. Eufemio – current president of Phil. Orthopedic Society); Dr. Rafanan – current president of Phil. Rehab Association; Peak Form – country’s 1st sports recovery center), sports science (Coaches Asha, Jim, and Albert) , and running coaches (Cris Sabal, Isidro Villodosal, Janet Lumagbas) are leading the program.

5. It is the only running clinic offering a full 42k marathon program.

6. The only running clinic where participants are prepared to become part of the Milo Marathon – the biggest marathon in the Philippines (on its 36th year this 2012). Participants need to register separately for the Milo Marathon.

7. MILO 3in1-APEX runners will have a PEAK FORM Physical Therapist exclusively for their particular running groups / teams.

About APEX Sports Training 

Coach Jim Saret is the founder and training director of APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement) Sports Training Inc. APEX is the same program used by the Philippine Olympic Committee, Philippine Swimming Team, RP-Smart Gilas Team, various PBA teams and college varsity teams.

MILO 3in1 APEX = Running Science + Sports Medicine Specialists + Specialized Training Equipments + Elite Running Coaches + Milo Recovery Drink + Fun Running Teammates!

(In case you’re not familiar with Coach Saret, below is his credentials. Awesome right?)


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