Kudos for those who survive

Last Saturday, April 21, 2012 I was in Alabang with my running partner/sister, trying to survive another zombie infestation. This time it’s The Running Dead held in Palms Country Club. This is the second zombie run in the Philippines that I’ve participate with. I’m getting addicted so much in this kind of event that I got registered in that same event. The first zombie run was the Outbreak Manila and the recent was on last Saturday. I love this new idea of organizing a running event. It’s unique and not your typical running event. It has a challenging environment because you will not just run in trails and roads. There will be tri-Zombies in the field chasing you to death. How hard is that? Organizers today are giving the runners a whole new running experience that they will never forget plus the best part it is that the proceeds of this event will go towards helping junior triathletes.

Getting in the venue is not that hard since we’re from Cavite and the travel time is only one hour. We arrived in the venue an hour earlier before the race briefing starts so we have plenty of time to prepare. So we took the chance to roam around in the vicinity and look what’s stored for us. First, we had our photo-ops with zombies wandering around. There friendly and also open for a small talk. But when the race starts, their true nature unleashed. After that we changed for our running outfit and head-on to the stage (briefing area) for some helpful reminders and race rules.

After the organizers briefs the participants for the race, we are sent to the starting area and will be released by waves. The race starts at exactly 5:00 P.M. There will be four waves with 10 minutes interval and I was in wave 3. The game plan is simple, just like what I did on my last week zombie run. Stay in group, finish it early and STAY ALIVE! Of course to stay alive you have to stay in a group. Because that’s the only way you can keep you flags intact. That way you can escape as long as you don’t get the zombies attentions. My frequent experience in a running event is when your finisher’s shirt is not fit to you. I’m sure lots of you guys experienced this also that’s why my second game plan was to finish it early so that I can enjoy my well fitted finisher’s shirt without hustle to alter it. Lastly to finish the race with at least one health flag attached to you. You must do whatever it takes just to save that precious flag. It’s sad to finish the race without enjoying any prices because you didn’t manage to keep one flag. I know it’s hard to do that despite the relentless attack of the zombies especially the little ones (tyanaks). I remember one of my wave mates tumbles not far from the starting area because the zombie kids are blocking his way and they collide. Luckily no one is injured, just a minor bruises for both parties.

The race is too scary. I’ve focused so much in protecting my health flags and forget to take a picture while in action. I manage to take few and I guess you can relate on some of this. Running, screaming, begging, jumping, spinning and even crawling are some of the common moves I’ve done that day and manage to finish the course with two flags intact in 00:51:53 – 7K distance (result). Besides from the finisher’s shirt and goodies from the sponsors the participants are entitled for buffet dinner prepared by the Palms Country Club. Non-participants are also welcome but they have to pay 450php for them to enjoy the food inside.

I congratulate all the organizers, staff, volunteered marshals, crew, and the entire member of the tri-Zombie (SouthTri Team) for this wonderful yet scary event that you prepared for all of us.

Kudos for everyone! Thank you and see you next time! 🙂

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