Reason to get fit this summer

With summer about to start, It would be nice to have a reasons why we should all get fit in the coming weeks. Only 3 weeks left until the Outbreak.

Yea, yea.. I  know. Another 5K run is coming this April. But this is not your typical 5k fun run. This time there will be a twist. You’re running not only to beat your time but also running with your life because you have to outrun the FLESH EATING ZOMBIES! That’s right; the course is full of zombies that will try to eat your brains out.

Despite the increasing events of fun runs and marathon in the Philippines sooner or later it’ll be pretty much boring running in the same route over and over. Admit it or not you also looking for something new. Why don’t you try this whole new idea of fun run? I’m talking about OUTBREAK MANILA 2012.

The first Outbreak will be held at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa in Laguna in April 14, 2012. Runners or not this event is definitely for you. Make sure your 13 y/o and above and make sure your parents allowed you to join on this event. Outbreak manila also encouraging all the participant to wear costumes but make sure you can still manage to outrun those zombies. Of course WEAPONS OF ANY KIND will not allowed inside the course. Once the marshals caught you, you’re done. You’ll be escorted out of the course with no refunds. With the registration amount of 700 this is not bad for something new.

My TOP 6 Reminders:

  • Protect your flag. Cross the finish line with at least one flag intact to be eligible for prizes.
  • Avoid physical contact between zombies and fellow runners.
  • Throwing object, bringing weapons and who ever violates the rules will be escorted out of the course with no refunds.
  • You can wear costumes. Who might know you could win special prizes before or after the race.
  • Arrive in the scene 1 hour before your race time for parking, get warmed up, and get you flag belt early.
  • and never-ever forget your form and receipt. No form and receipt. No run.

    Important: Form and receipt

    Finishers shirt

Visit their website at  and Facebook account for more details.

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