Run for your lives…

Last Friday the registration for running dead has started. I make sure I’m the first to register in this event so I went to Alabang Town Center (ATC) and I did. I am the first participant who registers in running dead. It’s not a big deal but still happy for it, first timer, hehe. I headed right away in one of the registration site in ATC, The G-Stop. The processing time to register was quick. Fill-up, verify, payment-get out. As easy as that.

verify mode

G-Stop, Alabang

It’s so fast, I didn’t have the chance to check what’s inside the envelop. So outside I checked if they missed a single important thing that I might need during the race and luckily they didn’t. BIB no.-check. Important reminders-check. plus 20% discount from New Balance-check! check!


no. 537

All clear and good to go. Ready to kick some zombie ass… oppsss! By the way it’s not legal to get rough in the zombie. According to race rule number 5 “Racers are not allowed to push, punch or taunt zombies; zombies are not allowed to touch or push a racer.”  Costumes are allowed but no weapons like gun, baseball bat, or any harmful things that might hurt our beloved zombie. Marshals will escort you to exit the event if you doesn’t follow the house rule then your 750 is a goner without refund.

The race is 7K on-and-offroad obstacle course so is better to wear appropriate racing shoes. We, the meals are expected to be assembled at 5p.m. in Filinvest, Alabang (Palms Country Club) and our goal is to finish the race at least one flag is still attached to us. How sad if all the zombie got your life flag, right? Since one of the rule and rule number four of the race saying “If you lose all your Life flags you are ineligible for place prizes.” So it’s also important to plan how will you survive the zombie apocalypse in April 21, 2012? But don’t worry the last rule said “All participants have free entrance to the Running Dead after party.” 

If you think this race is a typical running event, well obviously not. Noted that zombie will be appearing nowhere and trying to get your life-flag you also help young athletes for their training. Proceeds from the race will go to four (4) deserving graduates of the Super Tri Kids program run by Coach Ani de Leon. You enjoy the race at the same time help kids to reach their full potential.

Ask The Running Dead Facebook pageThe Running Dead on Twitter; for more info.

infected at very young age

fastest zombie alive

father of infection

they bite

Finishers Shirt


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