It’s just a number

Yey! Finally I got my race kit for the upcoming Salomon XTrail Run! I’m so excited for this day and eager to see what are the inclusive items really look like. As soon as the attendant in Salomon’s booth fixing all the necessary items, I’ve noticed something. I found there’s something unusual is included in my kit. I saw the of my BIB is 666.

It's just a number

What the…. Com’on? really? You want to give this number to me? Am I really that bad? I ask the attendant if I could change my number but he insist that it cannot be change. I have second thoughts about this number before I agreed to have this but I’m a positive person. It’s just a number. It will not affect my performance when I used it, right?. Still my sheer determination and skill will be my main weapon for this event. I consider this number a good sign. I will finish the race strong, baby. BOoOM! 

Other items included

free bag

In addition Salomon XTrial Run will be having lecture about trail running. Scroll down for more info.

New to trail running? or just want to improve your skill on it?

Do you want tips & advise from the trail experts?

Come over to R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street on Wed & Thurs, March 21 & 22. TRAIL RUNNING 101 by Coach Ige Lopez & the PhilSky Runners.

Confirm your attendance by listing your name & email address in the comment box here. ONLY 100 participants for the scheduled dates: Wed (batch 1) & Thur (batch 2). Confirmation slip will be email to you. It will serve as a pass to enter the lecture area.

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