For all the DREAMERS, Good Luck & Have Fun!

Awww men!, I missed another great marathon this year. I bet my friends now from different running groups are preparing for the TBR Dream Marathoners 2012. I’m guessing some of them are on their way to nuvali and some are still sleeping, hehe (don’t overslept guys!). I saw already CJ Lampad leaving so early (Good luck bro!) and look ready for this event.

Start packing your gears guys and warm up! ‘coz in a short moment your race is about to get start. Check in early in the dream village so that you can prepare their and get all the essentials you will be needing in the race. Make sure you brought all the necessary equipment in your race. Timing chips, reflector band, singlet, hydration bottles and belt, power gels, of course your shoes, protection to sunlight and specially you BIB no. plus a bag full SMILE!

You know I wish I could be there. I’m suppose to be in cheer zone with other running groups to cheering you guys and support but unfortunately there’s something came up that needs my full attention. But anyway still here to support you all spiritually. I pray for all the participants that you crossed that finish line safe and unharmed.

Have fun and enjoy guys! Good luck everyone and God bless. REMEMBER… positive thinking leads to positive results… kaya positve lang matatapos nyo rin yan!

Finishers medal


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