Enduro 3D Technology

Enduro tech apparel is known for their catchy MTB shorts and creative jersey design. They also produce great vest, shirt, pants and singlet. Good for multisport geeks out there. And now they release their newest design. The Pilipinas XC (cross-country) Jersey.

Equip with Enduro 3D Technology it definitely maximizes your performance.

3D Technology

So what exactly this 3D technology has to offer?

This jersey is Pro-Breath meaning the fabric is breathable and let air pass through and also repels water.

Also it has a Pro-Dri features that absorbs sweat from your body…

…and has a flexible fabric, The Pro-Flex.

This product is a must have. The SRP is 1600, not bad. Whether we rode bikes on road or street or running we should all be proud wearing this jersey. Proudly Pinoy! Besides the design is so nice and represents our country well. Sadly this jersey is limited edition.

They have limited stocks on this so it’s better to order now or visit their store in Trifemme Kamias Rd., Quezon City – 100mtrs. from edsa.  (click here for trifemme map) You can also reach them in 4330967 or trifemmesports.ymail.com and endurotech@yahoo.com

I can’t wait to have this soon…

By the way check this for sizing chart (here)

In my next post I’m going to share my insights about the jersey (click here for the tech shirt review)

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