Stay safe-always.

For us athletes the number one weapon we have is our body. We need proper diet, daily training’s to hone our skills and enough rest so that we can do our best in sports we incline to. Of course we make sure that our safety will not be compromise while in action. So we also need equipment’s that will help us to achieved our goals and some of this definitely save lives.

I’m talking about products prioritize our safety like head lamps,  blinkers, reflective tops and so on. The one I loved the most is this baller like ID were all your info’s are engraved to a small rectangular plate. I’m talking about Road ID, mytag and MJ46iD.

This are some of the names that offers such a great and innovative products. This is an ID in a wrist. It’s useful in case of  emergency plus it also look cool as a part of your running getup. Here’s a link were you can read some testimonials of the user of this products. [mytag|RoadID|MJ46iD] So what are you waiting for? Grab one now. It’s better be ready ‘coz nobody knows what will happen next. Take my advice mate. Stay safe everybody!


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