I’m free today, now what?

Hey, what do you do in your spare time? Some of us, of course they always train, watching TV and catch for the missed episode of their favorite series, reading books, surfing the net, playing online games, and of course sleeping. Actually they are tons of things to do in our free time.

For example myself. All those things mentioned in above phrase was my routine during my spare time. The only thing missing is editing pictures of mine and enhance it into something funky and has this WOW factor look. I’m talking about photoshoping images. Different images, including mine and transform it into art. As I see it in my point of view.

The truth is that printipe is a prostrated graphic artist. I’ve always amazed in poster ads in big billboard seen in E.D.S.A. and movie posters. This fascination starts back in my college days when I see my classmate transform his picture into some sort of fantasy character. I quickly ask him how did he make it and he introduce photoshop to me. At first he’s the one who edit my pictures for profile pic. I never tried it before until graduation came and of course were no longer hang’in so I decided to try it myself and did my first ever edited picture. It was my sisters’  picture. I did some B&W effects, made her a comic character and even tried to make her 50 years older.

Creating of this software truly changes everything. Nothing in this world I think has never been touch by this software. Almost anything and everything you see around you has been photoshoped. From magazine to billboard – all product if this remarkable software. It can make you disappear, it can make your body buff and some say “if you want to fight the seven signs of aging use photoshop”, funny huh? but its true. You can do almost everything and anything with this software. Thank God photoshop is created. If having perfect abs is fast as photoshop I would gladly volunteered myself, hehe.

Anyways I want to share to you guys some of my creation. It’s not that fancy as you expect but that’s all I can share for now. My not yet in awesome level but I’m making my way there. I’m still honing my skills to reach that professional level. Here are some sample of creation. Hope you like it. #drumRoll

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see my other creations here and also here.


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