Still wondering

what happen?

The body has a remarkable way to help us with our daily activity. From regenerating broken skin to fighting out infectious viruses inside our body. Sometimes our body surprises us in many ways. In my case I’m still wondering how did I survive my grueling trail run last sunday at San Mateo, Rizal during the Xterra Pang Rave Run without any pain.

Almost a week now from last weeks’ race it still fascinates me how did that happen. I know I did gave my 100% strength in climbing those hills. The feeling that my knee absorb when I descend those steep and fast downhill is still fresh in my memory. From that moment I know I’m in big trouble the following day and expected pain to welcome my day. I even prepare an alibi to my superiors that I can’t make it to work and yet it seems nothing happen.

I don’t think my training has nothing to do here, maybe a bit. Because I only did a week preparation to this race. I know something more just happened. A divine intervention perhaps?, maybe. Still, I’m grateful that nothing wrong happen to me and to my fellow runners during the race and that everything went according to plan. I heard some runners collapse due to dehydration during the race but nothing reported seriously injured. Surviving my first trail run is one  of my favorite experience in my entire running experience. Hopefully same fate occurs in my next trail run in Tagaytay. See you there!


2 thoughts on “Still wondering

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