BDM 102 Warriors, Good Luck!

102 KM mark

Right now, in this very moment many of our runners are now racing for the 4th BDM 102 Ultra marathon in Bataan. The said event started (gunstart) 10:15 p.m., March 3, 2012 at BDM Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan and has a Cut-Off Time of 18 hrs., March 4, 2012. Sir Jovie Narcise is the founder and the race director of this event. It all started from fascination. Sir Jovie is fascinated with the Bataan Death March and quickly organized his first race. From humble beginning to premier ultra marathon in our country truly the BDM 102 is a success and the rest is history (click here for more race history).

Participating in this kind of event is already in my bucket list of running. I plan first to join my full marathon then ultra marathon and maybe someday to become a triathlete. With more than a year of experience in running I know I’m still far from participating at my first UM. It will take time of course and tons of training for me to be able to take part in such event. Someday I can have those trophy and medal to place to my achievement wall and have my picture taken in the famous 102 Kilometer mark. But for the meantime I’ll be a supporter for now. Here to support my friends and other teammates who participate in this event.

Good luck everyone! Enjoy your race and finish strong! CONGRATULATION!

trophy and medal from 1st BDM


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