Running Barefoot with Barefoot Colonel

What come’s in to your mind when you see someone running barefoot in a race? maybe you’ll say “Wow! that dude is hardcore!” How about when someone ask you have you tried running barefoot? you might answer it “No way!, I’m not going to try that.” Does running barefoot ever crossed with your mind? My friends don’t stick to much to your precious shoes. Try something new, try running barefoot. It may look painful and yes! your foot will be definitively dirty. But let me tell you something, with proper training and correct foot landing everything’s going be fine.

running barefoot

At first I’m not really into barefoot running because pain and suffer is all what I think of. Until a friend introduce it to me and I say “Ok, let’s try it.” there’s no harm in trying right? I don’t have solid background with BR so when I saw this Barefoot Running Clinic here I’ve decided to go. So from work I rush in BHS and quickly change into my running gears.


The Running clinic was facilitated by Sir Mike “Barefoot Colonel” Logico. At first we had short lecture about BR. Also in the lecture we talk about what are the benefits and what will you gain when running barefoot, the proper form, correct foot landing to avoid blisters, and many more. After the BR introduction we introduce ourselves and go with the drills.

test run muna...

After the drills Barefoot Colonel let us run around BHS 2-3 times in barefoot, of course hehe to apply what we’ve learned and guide us and correcting our form.

running around BHS - barefoot

As soon as we finished our run we had our water break, cool down and last tips from the colonel.

sir mike with plyo drills

He also gave us some plyometric drills that can help us improve our barefoot running skills.

Q&A portion

And a question & answer part. In addition the BRP team also bring shirts to sell that worth 250php, not bad.

BRP shirt

Of course running clinic is not complete without a group picture picture 🙂

me in the middle wearing the BRP shirt

My running experience in barefoot was not bad, not bad at all. With proper guidance from the expert I’ve learned a lot and gain some techniques. As the BRP shirt says “No, It doesn’t hurt. Take it slowly. And you will get used to it.” This is true as Sir Mike says “When you run barefoot you don’t have to hurry. Take it slow. Patience is the key here.” Thank you Sir Mike for a truly eye-opening BR clinic. I’m looking forward for another one. Hopefully ASAP hehe. Also I want to thank Sir Edsel “Running Pilot” Enriquez for providing us the pictures and for letting me grab it, Thanks again sir. And to Team BRP thank you and nice to meet you all.


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