Are you ready boy?


trail (also trackbyway) is a path with a rough beaten or dirt/stone surface used for travel. Trails may be for use only by walkers and in some places are the main access route to remote settlements. Some trails can also be used for hiking, cycling, or cross-country skiing and less often for moving cattle herds and other livestock. (

Running in Trail

On this coming sunday. The 26 of February I’m about to test my endurance and running skills at Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal for the XTERRA PANG RAVE RUN 2012.

This is my 1st time running in this kind of terrain so I’m expecting the unexpected while enjoying the beautiful view of nature.

Some of my running buddies has been there and gave me some tips in conquering that trail. By the way they said it I have 2nd thoughts about joining that race and some of it I found encouraging but what the heck! I’m still going to finish that race with the 🙂 there’s no turning back now. It’s all or nothing, although I admit I did not prepare so much for this ‘coz of  my busy working schedule, still I’m hoping everything will went according to plan. Nice weather, good vibes and I hope that my lower body participate well.

By the way if you ever wonder what will be my running gears are or if I may say “Battle Gears”  here it is. It’s not much but I think I can put up a fight with that hehehe. (for those who have solid experience in trail run feel free to suggest any equipment’s that you think I might be needing)

Let's get it on!

from top to bottom:

Headware – Moab Folk – alternative for cap

Sunglasses – protection for flying insect while running

Arm sleeves – protection from harmful sun rays

Sport Watch – to keep track of my running time

Baller – inspiration baller from LiveStrong Run last year

Running shorts

Long Socks – to prevent any scratch from sharp plants

Bib No.

and my New Balance MT10 – it’s her début run! Btw, her name is minnie




Basically that’s it. On Sunday I’ll just enjoy nature and what may this race offer to us. I maybe setting PR for my self but the bottom line is enjoy the race, make friends, and appreciate what nature has to offer. I’m also looking forward for my 2 colleagues to go with me in this race para naman may mag-cheer sakin sa finish line at syempre kumuha ng pictures ‘coz my ever supportive mom and sister wont make it due to personal reasons. Oh sya! back to training na para naman kahit papaano eh hindi manibago ang aking lower body pag-akyat sa mga hills na yan. Hills be nice to me ok? Hills are friends, not enemy. Until next time… Wait for my follow-up blog about this trail run.

XTERRA is giving us another Pang Rave Run in 2012 a Trail Run happening on February 26, 2012 at Timberland Heights, check out full details and how to register here!

XTERRA Pang Rave Run 2012
February 26, 2012
Timberland Heights, San Mateo
5K/10K/22K (Trail Run)
Organizer: XTERRA Philippines

Registration Fee:
5K – P550
– Race Bib, XTERRA Race Belt, Finishers Shirt

10K – P950
– Race Bib, XTERRA Race Belt, Finishers Shirt

22K – P1,250
– Race Bib, XTERRA Race Belt, Finishers Medal & Shirt

Registration Venue:
Online Registration ->
Note: Online Registration runs from December 15, 2011 to February 19, 2012. Major credit cards are accepted for online registration.

Gunstart and Assembly:
22K – Assembly 4:30 AM; Gun Start 5:30 AM
10K – Assembly 5 AM; Gun Start: 6:00 AM
5K – Assembly 6 AM; Gun Start 6:30 AM

For More Information: 
Read more:

For the run review click here


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